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Best Laptops For Computer Science Students – Buying Guide 2019

Best Laptop For Computer Science Students
Written by Dawn Richard

Buying a new laptop is not an easy task especially for computer engineering students. Just because there laptops requirements are specific as compare to other students that’s why I have listed here best laptops for computer science students in 2019.

I made this list based on durability, comfort, performance, graphics card, and most important design that suits you or makes your laptop unique in the whole class.

Before we began in list of  best laptop for computer engineering students I just want to assure you all the nessarry system requirements for computer engineering students like some popular software a CS student may use such as  MATLABNetBeans, and Eclipse are taken care.

Lets get in the list.

Best Laptops For Computer Engineering Students

1. HP Pavilion: Best Laptop For CS Students

Best Laptop For Computer Science Students
  • Compact size
  • Good Battery Life
  • Affordable
  • Quite heavy.

HP Pavilion is built for gaming and also for general use. The HP Pavilion is affordable laptop for computer science students also a perfect laptop if you want a laptop that meet your CS needs and gaming’s too.

If we talk about look and design then HP Pavilion is worth it in this price range. By design, this model is overhauled demanding & edgy with only 5.2lbs also a good key travel keyboard. HP Pavilion comes with a phenomenal display an extremely good perception of the colors from a normal range.

HP Pavilion is a gaming laptop so you should not worry about CS necessary software’s HP will take care of it. But if we talk about specs HP Pavilion comes with 1TB HDD storage, with a CPU of Intel Core i5-8300H and 8GB DDR4 RAM and GTX 1050Ti 4GB GPU will give you a next level better gaming experience with its best perforamance.

The ports you’ll get on this laptop are two USB 3.1 and an HDMI.

Battery life is quite impressive as compared to price for mix use surfing internet watching movies and doing your CS assignments Hp claims 9 hours of battery life which is really good.

The only con of this laptop is this is not much portable just because of its (5lbs) weight. But if we talk about overall laptop performance design and battery life then this laptop is a good choice in this price range.

2. ASUS VivoBook F510UA: Best Budget Laptop For Programming

Best Laptops For Computer Science Students
  • Sleek, handsome design
  • Attractive 1080p screen
  • Affordable
  • webcam

The programing laptops tend to be pricey and full of features for the budget. There’s always a struggle finding a good programming laptop that’ll satisfy your needs. The Asus VivoBook F510UA falls into that category.

It may not be as high in performance status as the other high-end programming laptops but it gets the job done. The VivoBook has a surprisingly strong build quality and a sneak and simplistic design.

The fever book weighs just over 3.7 pounds and will fit into any bag with its 0.8 inch thickness. It features a 15.6-inch display with a full HD 1920×1080 resolution screen. It also features in-plane switching panel technology to deliver vivid colors and crisp images for technology we see only in high-end laptops.

The keyboard offers a big keyboard with all the keys in the right places without gimmicks. The touch pad feels decent the speaker sound really good managing maximum volume without scratches and a bit of bass. It also has both USB type a and type C port an HDMI port a 3.5-millimeter headset jack and SD card reader but no Ethernet port. Wireless connectivity comes via an 802 11 AC Wi-Fi.

Eight gigabytes of storage goes along with one terabyte five 400 RPM of the hard drive. But there is an M2 2280 slot next to the hard drive if you wish to upgrade to an SSD for faster boot times.

The system comes equipped with a quad-core 1.6 gigahertz of base frequency and up to 3.4 gigahertz turbo frequency Intel Core i5 8250 U processor and eight gigabytes of RAM and an Intel u HD graphics 620.

The processor adds some much-needed performance to stay up to programming tasks Viva Vox graphic can be considered decent. Which may not be as powerful for gaming but will perform most of the tasks without a hitch.

The battery life is not considered excellent it has a battery life of 5 hours and 30 minutes which may be enough for a day in the school with moderate usage.

The Asus VivoBook F510UA is the best budget option for programming with a great processor decent graphics and a 15-inch laptop. Which is extremely rare in budget laptops it’s a good stepping stone for getting started with programming and will provide good value, in the long run, a laptop that’ll satisfy needs without breaking the bank.

3. HP Spectre Folio: Best Laptop For Coding

Best Budget Laptop For Programming
  • LTE capability
  • Good Battery Life
  • High quality display; >95 percent sRGB
  • Letterbox screen could have been bigger

The HP Spectre folio is as exotic as it gets it looks like the Ferrari of laptops and performs like a Ferrari 2 with a price to match it’s sleek and thin design clad with leather screams luxury.

The cognate Brown genuine leather feels soft to the hand and is an eye catcher for sure. It’s definitely something that’ll make bad designers jealous at 3.4 pounds in weight and 0.6 inches in thickness it’s light and elegant slipping into most backpacks with ease.

The laptop doesn’t have a lot of ports but it has all the ports that a two-in-one should have. It has two Thunderbolt three ports on one side and a USB type-c is and headphone jack on the other side.

On the rear of this convertible, it has a dual SIM slot it has three modes as HP as marketed it the laptop mode forward mode and tablet mode. Transitions are very smooth and polished HP has certainly put a lot of effort into this aspect.

Folio has a 13.3-inch touch display which is amazing it’s colorful vibrant and responsive with a good amount of brightness giving very good viewing angles.

It’s a common issue in 2 in 1’s to have cramped keyboards but that’s not the case in the Folio. It features a surprisingly comfortable keyboard with spaced and backlit keys. The trackpad is decent but not up to par with other components probably something that will need an update.

The developers have designed the hardware with power efficiency in mind. The folio is equipped to the Y series Intel processor which translates that dual-core 1.5 gigahertz Intel Core i7 8500 Y CPU is not nearly as powerful as the H series. Even with a weaker processor, the folio tackles most of the given tasks without breaking a sweat.

The processor allows the Folio phallus design and eight-hour battery life with heavy use than 18 hours in moderate use which is revolutionary with these kinds of designs.

It also features eight gigabytes around and 256 gigabytes of SSD. In the benchmark tests, it’s not only scored very well but is a premium laptop with a different target.

It’s not designed to be gamed with but is instead aimed at the business person. It’s a uniquely designed laptop with an edge of exclusivity written all over.

4. Asus ZenBook UX430UA: Best Laptop For Programming Student

Best Laptop For Programming Student
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Fantastic audio output
  • Strong performance overall
  • Keyboard is a bit stiff

The Asus ZenBook UX430UA all of the Asus thin and ultra-portable laptops it doesn’t disappoint while following the footsteps of many Asus great. But it has delivered performance and portability in the same package.

ZenBook design is simplistic and timeless with a glossy finish on its lid made from aluminum alloy. It’s a great choice if you want to make a statement in the crowd. The lid can easily get hairline scratches though but it shouldn’t be an issue with proper protection in a laptop backpack.

Speaking of backpacks it will do no harm to your back the whole thing weighs only 1.25 kilograms with a thickness of 15.9 millimeters it’ll fit into every backpack without a problem.

Coming in with a decent number of ports and adapters connectivity is also not an issue. The keyboard on the Zenbook is quite comfortable with each stroke having a travel distance of 1.4 millimeters it gives good feedback. The keyboard is also backlit a surprising part was the touchpad which was excellent and rarely found in Ultraportables.

In the top right of the touchpad is the fingerprint scanner which is pretty accurate that seems to work every time. The near bezel this screen increases the screen to body ratio giving us a 14-inch display in the standard body of a 13-inch laptop. The screen is pretty comfortable when using it in brightly lit ambiance its matte anti-glare coating decreases the contrast a little. But if you want to get on with productivity you’ll get on fine with this one.

The speakers are also pretty decent with good audio output quality while not the loudest speakers we’ve heard it should fare well in most situations.

The laptop comes with an Intel core i7 7500 U processor with a base clock speed of 2.7 gigahertz capable of turbo boost up to 3.5 gigahertz coming with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a storage of 256 gigabytes of SSD.

It’s given great results in tests overcoming most of the given tasks with flying colors. it further spots as one of the best all-rounders in the market. It also has a decent battery life of four and a half hours under heavy use. Here as all the features needed in a light and thin laptop and more giving you great performance in the best possible value.

5. MSI GP73: Best Gaming Laptop For CS Student

Best Laptops For Computer Science Students
  • Good value and performance for the price. Well optimzed for gaming and heavy loads, yet fairly slim. Latest Intel Skylake CPUs, high performance dedicated graphics that’s great for gaming. Very serviceable internals
  • First rate screen, fast SSD/HDD combo, solid overall performance, decent input devices
  • Some flex in display bezel area. Styling is decent but not eyeturning

The MSI GP73 Leopard is an outright high-performance gaming laptop ready to satisfy all your gaming needs in virtually the highest quality possible– in today’s video games.

The Leopard looks like a muscle car ready to roll with robust edges along with symmetrical lines the lid has a striking wavy finish with an elegant brushed finish. It looks pretty heavy with a thickness of 32 millimeters but looks can be deceiving because it weighs only 2.7 kilograms. It’s quite a surprise in this category of high-performance gaming laptops.

The leopard also feels very sturdy and durable but it means we can’t open the display with one hand. You can find a lot of ports in this one ranging from all sorts of USB ports an SSD port an HDMI port a mini DisplayPort output audio and mic jacks and a Kensington lock slot.

The keyboard is pretty well built in an island style providing a superb writing sense thanks to the size of the keys and good feedback from them. The keyboard can also be customizable to your liking via its backlight Which asks your gaming experience furthermore.

The touchpad is also pretty good it’s rather small for the size of the laptop but offers good precision and response. Coming with a couple of Dynaudio stereo speakers found below and in front of the laptop pretty decent speakers amount of faces questionable but it is there.

Performance wise the Leopard comes equipped with the latest eighth generation Intel Core i7 8750 H processor. It’s also provided with eight gigabytes of DDR4 Ram at 2.6 megahertz and one terabyte of the hard drive. Both of these can be upgradable with two DDR4 slots meaning the RAM memory can be increased up to 32 gigabytes and we can also upgrade the SSD for faster boot times. It also has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 gigabytes of GDDR5 Ram. Which needs high performance in the highest settings for most the games even if okay resolution. It has an Ethernet killer chipset compatible with Gigabit Ethernet 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 giving us great connectivity and better latency.

The battery life is around 4 hours with light use and about an hour with gaming which is expectable and performance prioritize laptops such as the
MSI GP73 Leopard. it’s also pretty comfortable for longer gaming and developing sessions due to its low temperatures on the wrist.

6. Huawei Matebook 13: Best Programming Laptop Under $1000

Best Laptops For Computer Science Students
  • Powerful performance
  • Can play most 3D games
  • Great build quality
  • Muffled, tinny sound

The Huawei Matebook 13 is a work of art dominating in every category for its size and solidifies. Its spot as one of the best laptops in the market while following the footsteps of its predecessor it doesn’t disappoint and it further gives Huawei an edge over the competition.

Design-wise the Huawei Matebook 13 follows suit with the competition with a full metal body that’s available in both dark grey and silver colors. It comes out 2.8 7 pounds in weight and 0.59 inches in thickness.

It’s a narrower laptop than the competition eliminating the side bezels and removing the speakers from on top. Speakers are placed on the underside of the ultraportable rich results in a decrease in audio output quality nonetheless audio quality is still decent.

The shape and design make the laptop feel like you’re carrying a tablet in your bag meaning it’s really comfortable if you’re out and about darting between meetings all day the.

The 13-inch screen features 2k resolution and provides good color accuracy and sharpness with the 3 to 2 aspect ratio. It also has pretty good viewing angles which should get you through in most situations. The keyboard is extremely comfortable and feels big with superb key feel also with good backlighting.

The power button functions also have a fingerprint scanner the trackpad is the best in the business very large precise and very responsive for both single finger and multi-finger gestures. We also get most of the basic ports giving us good connectivity options.

Performance is where the mate book really excels it comes packed with a quad-core Intel Core i5 with 256 gigabytes of SSD storage and 8 gigabytes of RAM storage that integrated graphics. packed with that high-performance package there’ll be no signs of slowing down from the laptop even while streaming 4k videos and surfing simultaneously in a dozen tabs no stuttering with this one.

In benchmark tests its miles ahead of its competition scoring 17136 in the Geekbench for the general performance test. The laptop has a fan but you won’t even know it exists you’ll only hear it in extreme circumstances it’s really low audible levels.

Battery life is pretty decent too clocking eight hours and 1080p video playback tests. The Huawei Matebook 13 offers the best overall laptop experience with the best performance on the market. It’s versatile and more eye-catching than its competition which should appeal to the eye of the modern fashion-conscious city dwellers.

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