2021 Top 10 Best Laptops For Animation & Animators

Being a student, if you stand at the edge of pursuing animation as a career or a beginner wondering to craft your skills for animating or even if you are a professional animator, just be sure to pick the right tool on your journey towards computer animation. 

With endless variety of high-class laptops available all around the world, there must be few marked features necessary to be in a laptop that can make it a suitable choice for your high-tech animation programs like Motion Builder, Blender, 3D Max or Maya.

So, if you are an ANIMATOR! Make sure you double-check the following key features in a laptop before your purchase.

  • Minimum of 8 GB or 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Core i5 or Core i7 processor in order to execute quality performance
  • High clock speed is preferred
  • Sufficient Solid-state drive space of 256 GB SSD and an additional HDD storage if available
  • HD 1080p resolution for a classy display and a size bigger than 13-inches for fine detailing 
  • Dedicated graphics are not necessary but brings luxury to the specs of an animation laptop


Here, in this article, we have summed up 10 best laptops for the computer animation to help you get a broader picture.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Acer Predator Helios 300
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P51
  • DELL G3579
  • ASUS ZenBook UX410UA

1. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 15: Best Laptop For Animators

Apple is one of the biggest names in the laptop industry. It has a tremendous aptitude towards progression and innovation that brings forth benefits for the upcoming generations. 

A laptop good for animation has to be highly upgraded and must contain certain key features without which it is impossible to show productivity in this high-tech field of animation. And, APPLE promises you a lot more than that. Whether you are craving speed, storage, powerful performance or durability You are at the right doorstep.

The 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor of APPLE MacBook Pro 15 suits best for your next animation project as it carries a Ram of 16GB which makes it super responsive and cater to all your needs of multi-tasking. It has a 2.2 GHz clock speed piled up with storage space as much as 256GB SSD. So, the more likely it is for your laptop to grab speed and performance.

The wide 15-inch LED-backlit display provides a suitable platform for animators to work on. Pro 15 provides you with a precise keypad to gain good control over cursor which is a huge benefit for animators and graphic designers.

Unlike many other laptop companies, APPLE focuses not only on the functionality of its machines but also on the overall appearance. The beautiful sleek slim design weighing 4.02 pounds is enough to catch your eyes in a crowd of many other performance laptops. You can continuously work as much as up to 10 hrs. without recharging.

The laptop has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 port as well as a headphone jack. So, if you are an animator, APPLE MACBOOK PRO 15 is the laptop for you.

  • Light weight
  • Speed and performance
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable and precise touchpad
  • Battery life
  • No memory card slot
  • It can get a little too warm during work
  • Lack ports for connectivity

2. MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO: Best Laptop For Animation Students

When considering the versatility of a laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro is the first name that should come to mind. There is endless magic packed up in one small machine as it claims to be a paradise for animators, illustrators or gamers. 

The machine runs on a 5th generation intel core i7 processor with amazingly high speed and exceptional performance. It is loaded with a storage space of 512 GB which is a reliable source to invest your money in.

The increased storage space and RAM capacity of 16 GB make your work seemingly effortless. The excess RAM space helps you with high-resolution images and long animations. Just focus on putting an input and let this laptop handle the rest. 

It is considered the best laptop for animation as its battery life can last up to 14 hrs. and leaves behind all the previous generations by saving up to 50% battery life. The exceptional design makes it a 2-in-one notebook as to your surprise, this laptop is capable of 360 degrees flip over.

Either used in a studio mode, a table mode or just your normal laptop model, just satisfy your eyes and hands at a perfect angle of work mode. The slim design weighing only 1.73 pounds leaves portability issues far behind.

It brings you a flawless display of 12.3 inches which is a little smaller for amateurs and fresh animators but considering its power and unlimited benefits, it is fine to compromise on a comparatively smaller screen.

It runs all the 3D creation tools effortlessly and when combined with a surface pen or a surface dial, you can achieve a precise and accurate touch that can enhance your level of professional animation. 

One huge advantage of working with Microsoft is pre-installed windows 10 that boosts up the functionality of programs and gives you a pure windows experience.

  • Fast and powerful
  • Light weight
  • Long-lasting* battery life
  • Convertible design
  • Touch screen
  • Thick bezels
  • Heats up a little when overuse


ASUS throws a variety of different versions of laptops in the market. It continues to improve its technology by adding numerous different features to excite your interest and cope up with your needs.

The Rog Zephyrus S created by ASUS offers ultra-performance due to the ample storage space of 512 GB SSD fitted inside the motherboard. It is an 8th generation intel core i7-8750H processor followed by 16 GB RAM which is responsible for all your high-end animation without a hassle and doesn’t slow down rendering. 

The processor installed in this machine comes from Kaby Lake Generation that is known for its excellent performance and reduced power consumption. The CPU can boost up to 3.8 GHz of speed. So, carry out your fast day to day tasks and multiple programming and the system will take good care of it.

This laptop is known to be the monster for animation and designing owing to the speed, power, and display. The super calibrated 15.6-inch screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz is wide enough to help you focus on every minute detail and tiny pixels to craft your animation.

It has a dedicated 8GB of memory for GTX1080 GPUs, which further intensifies your graphics and overall system performance.

Portability with this laptop in hand is certainly not an issue as it is designed to be thin and sleek weighing less than 5 pounds. So, carry around this high-tech system in hand or in your back-back without a burden.

The battery can be a little concern but still can stretch up to 6 to 8 hrs. of usage. Another exciting feature is the coherent AURA SYNC keyboard with an n-key rollover. The back-light colors of this keyboard come with a lot of options and are customizable. 

It offers super connectivity as the beautiful aluminum chassis is designed to offer type-A USB 3.1, USB 2.0 and Type-C ports.

  • No heat-up issue because of improved fans
  • Light-weight
  • Creative keyboard
  • Slim design
  • Battery life
  • Lacks thunderbolt


This heavy-duty laptop packs a lot of power within its body. The unique red and black structure amplifies its strength and durability. The red-backlit keyboard enhances its vibe while illuminating the keys and touch-pad that can be useful when working in dim light. The way it is designed might be the reason why its named “predator”. The ultimate toughness of this laptop matches none other.

The terrific IPS display of 15.6 inches is filled with millions of pixels and aids in a lot of precise image creation and editing for motion graphics. Good display resolution avoids eye-fatigue especially in animation where you need to be entirely focused on the screen. 

The power it acquires comes from 16GM DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD. It helps increase the boot-up of the system and overall performance. 16GB RAM is a dream for animation laptops as it conquers each and every complex program and provides multiple tasking. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphic card comes as a bonus to animators as it helps them do wonders in virtual reality.

This laptop can survive 7 hrs. of continuous work without recharging but due to the enhanced chassis and bold external features, Predator Helios cannot manage efficient portability as it weighs 5.51 pounds which is quite a lot considering other laptops in this category.

  • Smooth Keyboard
  • Durability and strong built
  • 256GB SSD
  • Impressive display
  • Weight
  • Warmed up easily


A great animation laptop is measured by the level of responsiveness it provides to run multiple animation applications and also the quality of display it provides. As for animators, you play with colors and pixels in order to accurately design your cartoons and motion imaging. Lenovo ThinkPad serves your purpose.

This machine stays true to your desires for a perfect animation. The 15.6-inch brilliant IPS display is a full HD screen of 1920 X 1080 sharp resolution and the anti-glare property is a bonus, thus providing you clear visuals while reducing the light that reflects off the screen. 

The huge storage capacity of 512 GB SSD intensifies the efficiency and won’t let your system drop even if you load it with a pack of multiple animation programs side by side. The sufficient SSD storage greatly reduces the loading time for CPU and improves system boot up. The 7th generation intel core i7 is a power pack with 16 GB of RAM and fulfills all your animation needs.

As every system has a downside to it, this too shows some old-fashioned exterior and not so eye-catchy. The bulky chassis drains out your excitement as it is measured to be 5.89 pounds and the battery life can survive for 6 hrs. But for people who prefer performance over appearance, it seems not an issue when a laptop can provide you so much within your budget.

  • Excellent performance
  • No heat-up issues
  • Multi-tasking
  • Heavy weight
  • Connecting ports are given at the back

6. DELL G3579

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When we talk about the category of best laptops for animation, DELL G3579 succeeds to make it to the list. The depicting slim design is powerful enough to run any 3D software application without a pause, whether you want to work with 3D Maya, VideoScribe or any 2D animation setup. 

The efficiency of this machine is measured by the supreme specs it carries as the processor runs by 8th generation intel core i5-8300H which is undebatable. The motherboard is fitted with 8GB RAM which is a standard to carry out various multitasking, multiple tabs, and ultra-fast performance.

Besides the 128 GB SSD of storage, an additional 1TB of a hard disk drive is dedicated to professional animation experience. It has a dedicated 4 GB of space with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.

The graphic card is an opportunity for you to experience high-end visual graphics during 3D modeling. Besides, it can refresh you with exciting games after you are done with your hectic animation projects by the end of the day.

The 15.6-inches anti-glare IPS back-lit display is captivating to eyes and provides an exciting work experience. Besides this can aid you to work outdoors in bright Sun as well as low-light situations at night.

The deep black chassis topped up with a night blue logo enhances its dramatic outlook. DELL G3579, although tough in performance, fails to add a high-quality exterior to this machine.

The plastic outer covering of this laptop and soft-coated lid doubt its durability and can be a question mark to many customers. The machine weighs 5.95 pounds with a battery life lasting up to 7 hrs. of continuous usage.

  • Comfortable touch pad
  • Dual Drive
  • Enhanced specs
  • Beautiful display
  • Sufficient connectivity ports
  • Heavy weight
  • 8 GB RAM can be improved


The laptop seems best for 2D animation. ACER marks its name in many of the high-end competing laptops in design and performance. Aspire 15 is specifically known for good animation because of its colorful vivid display and strong performance along with long battery life. 

This laptop is powered by 8th generation intel core i7-8550U and an 8GB DDR4 RAM. The 256 GB SSD packs it with crazy speed and productivity as the processor can turbo up to 4.0 GHz. The specs are promising for ASPIRE E15 as a budget-friendly laptop that’s economical within your needs and fulfills all your animation desires. For amateurs and students, this can be the best choice.

Although graphic cards don’t really matter when looking for an animation laptop but if available in your package, it’s an added luxury to your laptop performance. NVIDIA GeForce MX150 is a dedicated card for graphics for this model that can help you outperform your tasks.

An exceptional feature is the all-day-long battery life which enchants the feasibility of working on this system. Work for as long as 15 hours without worrying about a recharge.

Its 15.6 inches full HD IPS resolution displays a sharper and brighter image and back-lit LED presents dynamic visuals. Its precise touchpad gives accuracy while animating and can help you perform multiple gestures with ease and comfort.

Besides numerous benefits it accomplishes; you cannot expect a lightweight slim machine as it carries 5.27 pounds plastic casing with a soft matte finish. But with a good price, it is not a bad idea to offer a little compromise.

  • Effective trackpad
  • Long battery life
  • Performance
  • connectivity ports
  • Heavy weight
  • Average webcam


The Lenovo Legion Y7000 though referred to as a gaming laptop can also serve well with the purpose of proficient animation. The high-end configuration of this laptop seems interesting as the CPU runs by 8th generation core i7-8750H processor that can boost up the speed up to 4.1 GHz. 

This along with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM handles animation tasks successfully without system sluggishness. The system is configured with a vast storage memory of 128GB SSD and an additional 1TB HDD so to carry out inserting multiple tabs with no extra loading time or system boot up. All your animation programs will run without hindrance.

All sorts of 2D or 3D animation require human creativity and a lot of patience to accurately transform your characters on to screen, so choosing a well-built laptop will help you ace your requirements and handle your animation tasks easily. The dedicated graphic space GTX 1060 by NVIDIA is an additional feature that would help you design well and provide super responsiveness.

The 15.6 inches screen size with 1080 X 1920 resolution is a good size to display enchanting images and videos, yet it is said to loosen its brightness a little when used outdoors. However, Lenovo has done an overall great job to manage Full HD display for animators to work with finer details and achieve top-notch quality.

One incredible feature of this model is its epic sound system. The Harman and Dolby home theatre, installed within this laptop, induces high-end sound quality pleasing your ears. Especially the people working with post-animation editing can make good use of this efficient sound system.

The laptop weighing 5.2 pounds is not considered portable enough to keep it in your back-pack and a non-sufficient battery life that only lasts for an hour or two when driving heavy-duty animation programs can be the drawbacks to this model of laptop.

  • Exceptional processing speed
  • Sound quality
  • Good SSD and HDD space
  • Weight
  • Battery life


Students and beginners who aim to achieve good animation skills, ASUS has got you all covered up as it brings you a proficient yet pocket-friendly laptop to ace your performance while saving your budget.

ZENBOOK UX410 is extremely light in weight and comfortable to carry for people who are mostly on wheels. It weighs as low as 3.1 lbs. which seems unbelievable for a laptop of this category. In this small weight, this does not fail to cater to all your animation needs.

It provides you with an astounding display with beautiful colors and saturation on 13-inch screen size but due to extremely thin bezels, Zenbook manages to give you a vivid display of 14 inches overall.

This machine can run all the necessary animation programs like 3D max, motion builder, etc. without a hurdle. The strong processor intel core i7, 8th generation has an 8 GB RAM and a clock speed 1.8 GHz so work with plenty of programs and run multiple tasks without fear of slowing down the system. 128 GB SSD and an additional 1TB of hard disk drive improve proficiency.

ASUS entertains you with a huge variety of rich and realistic colors by adding 100% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB to the display. With all these features, this laptop can provoke your skills and you can reach the perks of creativity.

Along with these, ASUS ZENBOOK is designed to provide you ultra-connectivity as it contains HDMI port, SD card slot, and USB 3.0 ports. And the battery can stretch up to 9 hrs. So, it is a perfect match for all the students and beginners who dream of pursuing animation as a career.

  • Efficient system boot-up
  • High quality HD display and profound resolution
  • Ultra-storage space
  • Multiple connectivity
  • Weight


The last in our list is GigaByte Aero 15X to help out all the animators out there. The classy finish of this laptop is the first thing that catches your eye in a bunch of all the other performance laptops. It spreads its aura because of its high-quality aluminum built outer casing.

Extremely thin 5mm bezels stretch the screen, even more, enhancing the body to screen ration and manages a wider display. It carries a full range of RGB keyboard that brings your animation dreams to life. 15.6-inches 4K UHD display offers an open platform for you to play around and explore your skills.

This power-house is supplied by 8th generation core i7 processor which is loaded with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of huge SSD storage which will help you with better designing and creation. Besides, a 16 GB RAM and dedicated 8GB GTX 1070 graphic card saves you from doubting its performance during hectic 3D work-load.

The extravagant updated system weighs as small as 4.4 lbs. which is an exception for a laptop with such a powerful interior. This small weight along with its excellent battery life which gives you 9 to 10 hours of backup are the features separating other laptops in the same class.

Along with other exciting features, AERO 15X offers a very defining keyboard that is comfortable to rest your wrist upon and has an accurate pressure point. It comes with a variety of back-lit colors and adjustable keyboard brightness. These high-quality specs can perform your daily animation tasks like a boss.

  • Effective design
  • Strong battery life
  • Excellent display
  • 100% RGB keyboard
  • Fans can be loud when overloaded


We hope to provide a sufficient guide for you to choose the best laptop according to your requirements and budget. With a variety of features, each and every brand tries to take its place in the industry by continuously exploring technology and maximizing our interests. Stop scratching your heads and draw a comparative analysis and get ready for a new laptop purchase that will take you to perks of high-quality computer animation.

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