Best Laptops For Live Streaming Videos – 2020

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As technology has taken its pace people to get more and more used to it. They are inventing new software to quench their thirst. This software not only helps them to be entertained but also becomes a way of their income as well.

Live streaming has become a part of this. In the very beginning, live streaming is used in games only. But with the passage of time, it coves multimedia also.

Now it has become an integrated part of multimedia. People out there make live videos and viewers tend to see their videos rather than read long articles.

The video contents are become more appealing to the audience out there as compared to the article contents. In videos, you can cover more information in comparatively less time than a simple blog. 

Persons related to almost all genera have shown some really deep interest in live video streaming. Live videos on every topic becoming popular day by day so is the live video streaming.

Also with the invention of Netflix and Twitch watching high-quality old movies, seasons, dramas in an HD quality are so easy and above all, it saves you from the pain of waiting while buffering. 

If you are the person involved in this latest technology of live video streaming and game streaming and in a search of a good laptop to help you out and gives you uninterrupted experience ???

Lucky you to come on the right site.

Here, in this article, we have assembled a list of 10 best laptops that are the beasts in this technology. We have also summarized the features that make them stand out of the rest to perform in video streaming or game streaming

Let’s discuss each one of them with their high-class specs unique features.



This power giant comes at the first of our list. To create live videos this ACER PREDATOR HELIOS helps a lot. And the live streaming becomes easy with these excellent features whether they be a game or any other live video. Let’s discuss the specs of this laptop.

It entertains the wide and elegant 15.6 inches full HD widescreen that gives you theatrical effects while playing games or streaming live. It has 144Hz penal that is an up-gradation from 60Hz of the old model.

The IPS display with 1920 x 1080 resolutions is excellent. It gives more fluid and responsive experience to the user. 

This laptop ACER PREDATOR HELIOS features 9th Gen. Intel Core i7 9750H 6 core processor with the speed of 2.6 GHz that can boost up to 4.5 GHz. This is a good speed processor that ensures your live steaming goes smoothly.

The power of the processor makes the smoothness of live streaming. 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD storage capacity is enough to fluidly run your videos.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphic card installation results in real coloration on-screen and high power performance of the laptop. The good GPU is a guarantee of the system running in good quality. The windows 10 operate the whole system. 

The best feature aside from hardware is the cooling system. It is amazing. Both sided full-size vents with Aero Blade 3D fans will guarantee that your device will not heat up even in some really heavy task performances.

Heating the device will affect and drop during the working duration. The full-size keyboard with backlit technology helps do your nighttime tasks and typing smoothly.

There is one USB type-c port and HDMI port, one USB 3.0, an Ethernet jack, USB 2.0 and headphone support. An SD card reader sport is also given on the laptop. These features help you streaming live wither it’s a video or a game streaming. 

It is 5.5 lbs. in weight and the battery time will run up to 4 hours when you are doing heavy tasks on a laptop. In some casual performance, it can stand a bit longer. Due to these features, this laptop comes in the first place in an hour list for the best laptop for live streaming and game streaming.

2: Apple Macbook Pro

Everyone wants absolutely fluent running system when they are going live. And this needed a high-end performing system. The good performing system depends on good built-in features of the laptop through which you are going live.

This needed quality puts the Apple Macbook pro at the list for the best laptops for live streaming or game streaming. Although this is a bit expensive and if you can bear a bump on your budget do go for this Apple Macbook pro.

It will enhance your excitement on the high level and provides you satisfying experience during your session of live streaming. 

15.4 inches 2880 X 1800 at 220 PPI retina display would help you see crisp images on screen due to its true tone technology. The color gamut from all angles is vivid and excellent. 

It has 2.6 GHz 6 core 9th Gen. Intel Core i9 processor working with Radeon Pro 560X with 4 GB memory. The processor is based on coffee lake refresh technology and combined with the latest GPU fairly targeted the creators on live streaming and game streaming.

Also, 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM that is configurable up to 32 GB and 256 GB SSD configurable up to 4 TB make you bottlenecked with high-value specifications. These superpower features give you extraordinary high experience during live streaming. 

It has a touch bar and touch ID added to its already superb features. You can zoom click scroll smoothly using this touch bar.

The keyboard is good. 3 thunderbolt 3 ports are installed. For security systems, they installed apple T2 chip technology that makes it even more secure than before. 

For businessmen traveling frequently its lightweight and portable feature is the best choice. The battery time is great it can survive as long as 10 hours perfect for traveling where you cannot easily find an electricity supply to charge up.

3: Lenovo Ideapad 330S

Lenovo Ideapad is another best laptop for live streaming and game streaming. It does not only exhibit good quality hardware but also classy outer design.

The outer glossy aluminum cover gives a decent and classy look with the company monogram. 15.6 inches FHD LED-backlit screen with 1366 X 786 pixels resolution gives you the best quality color display. Images are more vivid and real to life. 

It is housed with Intel Core i7 8250U processor and other good quality inhabitants like 16 GB RAM, 512 SSD storage and Intel UHD graphics 630. These features enabled this laptop to perform well and fast.

The graphics are so real and this combination engages you to play games and other productive activities. Windows 10 Home optimization runs exceptionally well the whole system on this laptop. And you can easily use it for live streaming.

Netflix streaming and Twitch streaming has become popular. Watching videos though this is a popular time pass. This laptop enables you to see uninterrupted videos as well as live streaming and game streaming. 

AccuType keyboard with its slightly curved keys are best served the purpose of typing and creating powerful content. To make your own live video good quality of the camera and Dolby Audio sound system helps a lot.

Installation of a number of ports including wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology is good to connect your laptop to other devise wireless.

It has a good battery life and portability value so you can have your hands on this laptop in order to have live streaming and game streaming while traveling.

4: DELL G5

Dell G5 is equipped with every detailed feature necessary for live streaming and especially for game streaming. Its sleek design has some really powerful hardware built-in.

It has 15.6 inches FHD anti-glare non-touch LED-backlit screen and an IPS display with 1920 X 1080 resolution effects. Very thin bezel presence gives the screen a high-quality cinematic effect. 

The given processor is 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9750h 6 core with 12 MB cache and up to 4.5 GHz clock speed. Together with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1650 with 4 GB GDDR5 graphics it excels the speed and quality of laptop and make it ideal for live streaming especially for game streaming.

Its powerful built-in features enable it to play every high-end game on this laptop. 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM boosts the speed and memory of the laptop. Windows 10 is the operating system of DELL G5.

The keyboard is good so is the cooling system. Two large side vents help this beast getting hot during high-power-demanding tasks. The heating up of the system badly affects the overall performance of the device.

If you really want your system to work efficiently and without slowing down you need to take care of some things that must be considered. Streaming badly effects by this heating up of the system.

The heavier the specs are the more danger of laptop getting hot and consequently the slow performance enhanced.  So we suggest this laptop from DELL whose cooling system guarantees you to keep the device calm even during the heavy games playing or live video streaming.


For business marketing, digital marketing has become a powerful and on-growing source. Videos on a daily basis about your specific product increase your profit.

And you have to keep your viewers up to date through making videos and live streaming on a regular basis.  For this, you need a powerful laptop with all the important specs to go live in streaming as well as video quality. MSI GS65 STEALTH is no doubt one of the best laptops to serve the purpose well. 

It has 15.6 inches FHS anti-glare wide view angle screen. It has a 144 Hz IPS rate which means it can stream your games and videos fluidly without any hindrance.

The slim bezel and its overall sleek design do not contrast with its heavy features. The color accuracy is vivid with this 1920 X 1080 resolution. 

It has some really good 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 9750H processor that can be boosted up to 4.5 GHz. With it, they have squeezed some really good other features like 32 GB memory and 512 GB SSD with this power unit you do not need some extra storage device.

They are all more than enough for the purpose they are discussing; the best laptops for live streaming and game streaming.

The outclass NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 MAX-Q 8GB GDDR6 graphic card is used in this laptop. Best coloration and fast speed with classic designs come in this laptop to enhance your VR experience.

Thunderbolt 3 installation enables you to connect with other devices as well as increases the speed of transferring data up to 40gbps. Nahimic  3.0 surround sound virtualization enables you to not miss even a single sound during a game.

Gamers are well aware that the game experience has become multifold much greater with the best sound quality. 

It is portable with 4.4 ls weight. And the 5 hours working time to stand for a battery is good enough. This MSI GS65 has everything you need to have for a laptop that can last for a couple of coming years and best for live streaming and game streaming.


LG has introduced this laptop in heavy specifications that can be used for live streaming and game streaming in the best way. They are working with the slogan “slim is in” so they try to make something that is really slim but not light in specs either.

This LG GRAM has magnesium made body curved to form 15.6 inches screen that is very flexible without being flimsy.

This ultra-slim beauty showcasing 15.6 inches FHD IPS display with the slim bezel around the corners makes it looks more stylish than it is. 

For the robust powerful processing, this laptop supports the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8250U processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, and Windows 10 Home. Intel HD graphics 620 installation keeps the nimble performance on the go with vivid and real images. 

All the necessary ports presence makes convenient connectivity possible with other devices. The backlit keyboard has ergonomic technology. You can adjust the brightness with respect to the diverse light effects.

It is 2.4 pounds in weight, so slim and light that is easily portable and the heavy battery runs up to 16 hours. Live streaming and game streaming would be an amazing experience as this supports a good sound system as well.


ASUS ROG STRIX has a perfect VR- ready system. The features are the best match o the price it comes in. the 15.6 inches screen with good quality 144MHz IPS display is good to watch videos and playing games.

Its sleek structure with an ultra-thin bezel and brushed texture of the chassis together comprises its military look. The rainbow color appearance on keyboard, logo and even on-screen coordinates with the colors of a movie or whatever you are doing on it. 

It is powered by the 6 core Intel Core i7 8750U processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. Whatever tasking you want to do on this laptop becomes easy by this powerful processor and enough limit of RAM and SSD makes you caste-off the worries of short memory and slow speed.

The good GPU helps the graphics to appear more clear and vivid on the screen. Whatever high-end game you are playing on these specs can meet the criteria and you would have the best experience. 

Cooling system with two fans and triple radiators helps keep this powerful system to stay cool even in the high end taking like gaming and video editing and hence keep it save from slowing down.

The sound system gives a good cinematic feel when hearing on the volumes. It is 5lbs in weighing being so lightweight can be easily portable. Hence with the specs, you can see that it is the best laptop for game streaming and live to stream.


This laptop is another best laptop of the Razer Blade series. It is constructed by the black aluminum chassis and the inner shade is ebony black. It is well-constructed from the outer and inner body as well as the built-in features.

It has 17 inches IGZO display that staged for 8.3 million pixels to give real like images and vibrant color gamut from every angle. 

When we cram inside it razor-thin chassis it has a very powerful and high-quality 6th Gen Intel Core i7 6700HQ quad-core processor that makes you stream live videos and even gaming.

1 TB hard drive and 32 GB RAM is more than sufficient to keep your performance on the top even in some really heavy performing tasks.

It is armed with pascal architecture NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1080 GPU to meet the high-end graphics gaming and processing the multi-tasking in good speed and better visual results. 

The keyboard is so comfortable and easy to type on. You would be happy at the end of even the long term typing tasks due to its easiness. All the ports including Thunderbolt 3 are present.

You can connect this laptop to other devices easily through these multiple port presence. Sound system would give you an outstanding experience while streaming live or game streaming.


Alienware is another high-value laptop that comes in the list of best laptops that support live streaming and game streaming. These series can urge game riggers to look for them for ages.

They have all the necessary features for the ultimate bliss of the gamers while playing. This AW15R3-10881SLV is not an exception as it has 15 inches FHD anti-glare screen with a 122 Hz panel display that has a lot to show to the users once getting started. 

Intel Core i7 7700HQ processor when coupled with NVIDIA g-Sync technology, 400 nits of brightness, and 4m of response time can do magic on screen. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD assures you to smooth the performance of multitasking with vibrant graphics and true to life color from all angles. 

The keyboard supports an n-key rollover so you are able to command more than 108 keys for maximum actions per minute. An active thermal module presence ensures the good quality of the cooling system.

Your laptop with these heavy features stays cool due to this technology. And Audio Recon software provides the best sound quality. You can easily grab this laptop for your live streaming and game steaming.


It is another good quality high-value built-in structure laptop that can definitely go up with your needs for live streaming and game streaming.

The best part of this that you can share your expertise and some really helpful tips regarding any issue to the viewers out there. You have to connect to them, replying their texts and make more videos on a daily basis.

If you want it all done in a really fast way and that you should, you should go for a laptop with features powerful enough to go through these tasks easily and do not be a slow pacer.

This Eluktronics MECH is the laptop of your need. It has 17 inches FHD LED-backlit screen with a narrow bezel that contributes its sleek structure and classy decent design. The IPS display 144 MHz refresh rate, 300 nit brightness and 72 % NTSC with 1920 X 1080 resolution. 

It is powered by the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9750H 6 core processor up to 4.5 GHz. Good streaming is easily possible on this laptop by its 6 GB GDDR6 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Ti Max-P gaming graphic card with Eluktroboost technology.

Also, the 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD is ideal for a laptop for live video streaming. It runs the genuine windows 10 Home 64 bit.

Mechanical keyboard, good cooling and sound system, brightness control screen, high-end connectivity, portability and good battery time enables you to get fast processing and nonstop fun in you pastime of game streaming and live to stream.


As the live streaming and game streaming are getting popular so the need to have system supports this software also becomes more and challenging.

I hope our above-mentioned list of best laptops for live streaming and game streaming helps you a lot in your buy. All you need to do is to manage your budget and priorities.

Once the criteria is set it is easy to buy a laptop. All the above-mentioned laptops are exceedingly best qualities according to the requirements for a laptop to do fast and uninterrupted processing during live streaming and other heavy multi-tasking. Hope you buy the best for you.

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