10 Best Laptops For Note Taking 2020 (Reviews)

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Before robots take over the world, technology has given us multiple means to transform our daily based tasks to be performed robotically with vast technical advancements around the globe.

Students and professionals also find it exciting to replace their traditional working ways into some modified version with high-end technical tools and software. Note-taking is now commonly performed on screens instead of paper-based registers and notebooks.

To meet this demand, many laptops are exclusively built to serve this purpose of note-taking with interesting features and improved typing facilities crafted inside their system.

For a simple task like this, you need not hunt your entire time through the laptop’s power and versatility as a laptop with average capabilities can pretty much serve the purpose of note-taking.

However, when added features like a touch screen or stylus pen can enhance your usability, you might end up being distracted. It’s a simple formula of what you prefer more on a laptop and make your choice.

List Of 10 Best Laptops For Note Taking

Here is a list of best laptops for note-taking, with some varying in price, design, power or added accessories, but all of these models lift up your desire of efficient note-taking on a computer screen. 

  • Samsung Chromebook Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  • HP Pavilion X360
  • ASUS Chromebook Flip
  • DELL XPS 13
  • Lenovo Yoga 730
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop
  • Lenovo Flex 14
  • HP Spectre x360
  • Acer Chromebook R11


The best among laptops for effective note-taking are Chromebooks which give you a complete Google experience. This Chromebook pro based on chrome operating system can run a variety of play store apps and games. Designed with an effective 360 degrees hinge can make this notebook fully flipped and ease your routine usage.

Especially for beginners, students or might as well professionals who require a constant usage of the notebook in hand, can make good use of Samsung Chromebook as a tablet in hand for efficient scrolling and taking notes. 

This hybrid laptop gives consumers a huge bonus coming with a built-in stylus pen to aid your typing. With the pen in hand, you can certainly imitate the traditional pen and paper usage for note-taking. With an effective stylus, the Chromebook helps you write amazing notes which would automatically sync to your google drive account releasing your worries of data loss. 

The high-end system is packed in a modern slim design which is pretty eye-catchy for people of interest and offers an extremely lightweight of 2.38 which further enhances its mobility. It helps you craft out your illustrations or play with the screen all day while enjoying an epic QHD (2400 x 1600) pixel resolution on a 12.3-inches screen that can last an all-day brightness for about 8 to 10 hrs. of long-lasting battery life.  

The powerful system is not only designed intelligently but also promises a lasting performance. Built with Intel Core M-5Y10 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz, RAM capacity of 4GB DDR3 and a 16 GB SSD along with Intel HD graphics that pair up together and enhances multitasking and smooth functionality of your day to day tasks.


One of the best designs introduced by Microsoft is Surface Pro 6 that successfully conquers all the perks of a high-tech versatile laptop suitable for people belonging to any field of interest all around the globe. With very few shortcomings, this machine is a perfect package for all the technology enthusiasts.

Especially for students aiming a laptop to aid them with effective note writing and copying lectures, a 2-in-1 laptop would be the best replacement for their lecture notebooks and registers. 

Microsoft surface pro is not only by far the best laptop for note-taking but also an excellent 2-in-1 half breed with reclassified tablet processing, opening new doors in the world of technology.

Its super powerful configuration, this laptop serves you with 256 GB of SSD and 8 GB of RAM. The sufficient storage section increases the booting process, multitasking and no system hung ups even with layers of work and complex tasking.  

The enchanting 12.3-inches PixelSense display with crystal sharp resolution (2736 x 1824) produces 10-point multitouch support and when paired up with the latest surface pen, supplements your screen resolution effectively and allows you to take notes at a good speed and less effort.

Unfortunately, the pen does not come along within the package of the laptop and has to be purchased separately. But for some couple of hundred dollars, what you’re getting is certainly worth the price.

Surface stylus embarks a new journey of writing on-screen with 4096 pressure point sensitivity, ink on one end and eraser on the other which gives you the feel of a real pen on paper. 

Microsoft giving you a pure window 10 experience can restore an all-day battery life of 13.5 hrs. with constant usage and weighs 4.6 pounds that pretty much gives you all the reasons to buy this latest technology to ease your routine hassle of note-taking.


When technology hits you, you demand a replacement for almost every gadget in hand and look for a better more advanced item. Same goes for traditional note-taking techniques which have been modernized and now instead of using a bundle of paper, people prefer a good screen in hand to take notes on. 

HP Pavilion is a touch screen two-in-one laptop that can suit you well for transferring notes and writing abundantly. Loaded with effective features, the HP powered Pavilion x360 is packed with 8 GB DDR4 Ram and 128 GB of the solid-state drive to help minimize the booting process of the system and enhance productivity.

The strong processing is measured by the CPU power which is configured with 7th generation Intel Core i5-7200 U clocked at 2.2 GHz and paired with advanced AMD Radeon 530 Graphics with dedicated 2 GB of graphic memory to uphold laptop’s functionality. 

15.6-inches vivid display holds for you a perfect platform to takes notes smoothly.  The sensitive touch screen is a reliable source of using it as a tablet mode and throws a variety of beautiful colours as the display is packed with a Full HD resolution (1930 x 1080), providing best viewing angles. This along with a graphic pen offers you the best product in hand for screen scribbling.

Designed to be an ideal, Pavilion 360 is covered with a plastic chassis which reduces weight and might as well minimize overheating of the laptop. The silver lid on top is a metal finish adding a spark to its exterior.

This dynamic design while unique in class doesn’t add a number to its weight and keeps it light and portable. The notebook weighs to be 3.73 pounds and can easily be carried around almost anywhere. 

With sufficient connectivity slots and many other features facilitating your consumption, HP Pavilion x360 is one of the best fits for note-taking and digital art.


The stunning slim metallic body is aluminium coated and holds a unique place in the hands of professionals and experts as it delivers a promising performance and is designed intelligently to serve multi-purposes.

Asus Chromebook in the series of latest Chromebooks proves its vast functionality and ease of usage. With a complete flip feature, whether used as a laptop or in a tablet mode, it will serve you evenly. 

Its beautiful 12.5-inches full HD display with (1920 x 1080) resolution makes it worth every penny especially for people requiring a laptop to get a better hold on the screen for continuous writing and note-taking.

The ultra-sensitive screen touch makes your work effortless even after an entire day of screen scrolling and typing. This accompanied by powerful Intel HD Graphic card makes your display finer and deliver better display quality. 

The Chrome-based operating system of this notebook helps access millions of software and applications straight from the play store. The decent metallic chassis doesn’t add up to the weight and holds an extremely light system.

The machine measures to be 2.65 pounds in weight and are super portable. Whether kept in your backpack or held as a tablet in hand to take notes, it would not weigh more than your random paper register. 

Stating its name in the industry, this convertible laptop, very compact in design yet brilliant performance is perfect for your day to day tasks. Loaded with 4 GB of DDR3 Ram and 64 GB of SSD, the system is processed by Quad-core Intel Core M 6Y54 clocked at 1.1 GHz which is not the most powerful processor but works best with an average load of work and can handle notepad functions smoothly.

5. DELL XPS 13

The strong durable laptop from the series XPS is not convertible in design like others in the category but offers equal efficiency. The powerful 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U is a quad-core processor that can turbo boost up to 4GHz with an 8 GB of Ram and huge storage section carrying 256 GB SSD.

The strong configuration helps maintain the system’s speed and responsiveness while enhancing boot-up processing and active loading of applications. 

For the purpose of note-taking, this laptop seems perfect as its 13.3-inches widescreen is beautifully designed and delivers an enchanting HD display that helps provide many students and professionals with accurate viewing angles and effective note-taking.

The precise touchpad offers immense accuracy and must certainly be considered by people using technology for every single task.  This laptop model is known for its latest keyboard for smooth and speedy typing.

Especially for a group of people acquiring a laptop to aid them with writing notes, XPS 13 is best in the list yet affordable. 

With a weight of 2.2 pounds, it can stay at your work desk in a lecture hall or most likely in a presentation or conference room and also can easily be carried along in your backpack.

The slim sleek design is not super affordable for a laptop to be in the list of efficient notes taking, but owing to its excellent specs and performance, it is a one-time purchase for almost all your desired purposes. 

The screen is loaded with some sharp ultra-HD 4k resolution (3840 x 2160) which can appeal to people from any age and interest.

Intel UHD Graphics 620 adds on enhanced colours and finer details and can certainly boost entire processing power. With such higher specs and advanced graphics, the laptop still does an outclass job while storing a long-lasting battery life that can release your hassle of continuous plug-ins. With a variety of benefits, its price does not get in the way and the laptop remains a consumer’s choice.


This too is another convertible design presented by Lenovo and thus a very suitable choice for students and workaholics who have modernized their way of note-taking with the advancement in technology. Lenovo Yoga is a powerful machine to be considered for your everyday usage and carries a variety of benefits and exciting features. 

It’s hard to catch up with its speed considering 16 GB of RAM fitted inside motherboard and a sufficient 512 GB of Solid-State Drive. Intel Core i7 processor processed at 1.8 GHz hardly faces any issues loading heavy software and complex multitasking. 

The laptop can easily be flipped in a 360 degrees rotation and offers multiple modes of usage which makes it very convenient for all-day purposes. A 2-in-1 convertible laptop is always a good choice for professionals and even students for a smooth write up of notes. The large 15-inches display makes it even more relaxing and offers clear visuals. 

In a laptop mode, typing seems no problem with a wide keypad and when used as a tablet, its sensitive 10-point touch screen captures your interest while relaxing your fingers with a smooth touch massage. The tablet mode is combined with an Active pen 2 specifically designed for this notebook.

However, the digital pen does not come along in the package and has to be purchased individually but luckily doesn’t cost as much as the surface pen. You can easily dive into your skills with smooth screen touch and makes the best use of what this laptop has to offer you. 

The laptop is designed exclusively for people who love to draw, sketch, illustrate or take notes while making the most out of its effective touch screen and graphic power. All of this combined in a compact design is surprisingly cheaper than its key rivals.


This Surface laptop fulfils all the standards of a good laptop for note-taking. Microsoft gives you first-hand windows experience and opens to you a world of different applications and programs synced excellently with Microsoft windows.

Featuring 7th generation core i7 processor, it surpasses all your necessary tasks and even complex programming. Built-in with vast storage space, 256 GB of SSD and 8 GB RAM which seems considerable owing to your demands for efficient typing and note-taking and is customizable. 

The laptop dominates the rest with its luxurious exterior formed by a metallic aluminium casing which is ultra-thin and slim to handle at ease. Available in four different tones of mild metallic colours, the outer chassis holds within a variety of exclusive unique features that make this laptop one of a kind.

It’s gorgeous Alcantara Fabric-covered keyboard delivers precise hold on keys and encourages natural typing and great trackpad experience. The design offers you a stunning 13-inches LCD screen display and is submerged in a huge group of vibrant colours. 

The intelligent design loaded with a lot of interesting features has an average weight of 5 pounds and carries a strong battery unit that can last 14.5 hrs. of video playback.

The system offers excellent speed and plays all your movies games, speedy note typing with zero lagging. All these basic programs run like water on this superior platform. 

Where windows offering a lot of exciting features, also provides windows 10 S which is the security version of windows 10 that can allow only verified software on your laptop and help avoid scams and pirated applications. 

Overall, with a very few cons, this laptop matches well with all your needs and desires and for general note-taking, the updated MS office serves you individually.


As previously discussed, Lenovo Yoga 730, this latest model by Lenovo replaces Yoga 730 with almost the same performance abilities and desired specs but in lower price.

Lenovo pays a huge focus on continuous up-gradation of its laptops with improved specs and consumer usability. Flex 14 offers a delicate 14-inches vivid screen that helps you with ease of note-taking on the go. 

Powered by a strong processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, a bulk of 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD suffice your heavy loaded tasks as well as copes well with your speed and multitasking.

Additionally, the system supports dedicated Radeon Vega 8 Graphics which would also smoothly function any graphically oriented tasks such as photo editing or certain computer illustrations. 

The flex is incorporated by 360 degrees hinges that makes its design modern and thus is included in the list of hybrid laptops. Thin bezels provide better visuals and add spark to its overall appearance which itself is quite slim and easy to handle.

For students and employees mainly using this for taking notes on the screen, Active pen improves the flexibility of typing and enhances precise screen touch. 

Battery life is the same as the previous versions and is equally durable and long-lasting. This along with its supercharging in lesser time makes it a huge plus for a laptop in this budget and category.

Rest assured, it is pretty much the best option within the breach of your pocket, performance equivalent to core i5, display dynamic, stylus included, designed to be classy and sufficient battery life to reduce your hassle, it can bring you a good experience of screenwriting and notes taking.


This powerful laptop, yet not convertible in design but offers a super-sensitive touch screen that can help you in taking notes with this product in hand. HP Spectre, a multipurpose laptop reaches a little high on a budget but delivers promising efficiency and an advanced up to date configuration. 

It meets your expectations while offering a dynamic 15.6-inches sharp touch display filled with (3840 x 2160) pixels to help provide clear real-life image quality and vivid colours. The widescreen display and coherent touch ability can provide you with faster and easy note-taking on the screen.

Considering its high-class software specs, Spectre 360 is powered by one of the most powerful Intel i7 chips, the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8705G processor paired with 16 GB Ram and 512 GB SSD storage which combines to make a perfect package for all your complex IT tasks.

Additionally, the graphic power enhances the laptop’s reputation many folds. AMD Radeon dedicated graphics meets your multitasking capabilities easily and encourages graphics-based computing like games and editing etc. on this laptop. 

Along with many interesting features piled up on this high-tech system, it tends to weigh a little more than an ordinary touch screen laptop and is measured to be 4.59 lbs. which is an average weight but still quite portable. With quite powerful graphics and processing power, the battery fails to last all day long and can only survive up to 5.5 hrs. of continuous usage. 

The slim sleek body doesn’t eliminate connectivity slots out of its design and suffices your needs with a huge facility of external connectivity ports. Although it comes with a price tag, if you really look forward to interruption-free usability, HP Spectre is a laptop to be considered.


Another in the list of Chromebooks, last but not the least is Chromebook R11 by Acer that is worth the mention. If you are hunting around for a laptop that can suffice your needs of smooth note-taking, Chromebooks are most likely to catch your eye and this version introduced by Acer also matches the rest in performance. 

Acer has done a pretty good job handing over this powerful notebook powered by Intel Celeron N3150 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage which overall is not most advanced configuration but can exclusively be used for easy note-taking on your laptop screens.

Also considering its extremely low-budget price, the system can serve well beginners and students for their study purposes. 

Backed up by chrome operated system, this touch screen convertible designs gives you free access to many applications and advanced google library in seconds through play store. 100 GB of google drive space ensures all your back-ups eliminating the risk of data loss. 

Denim white slim chassis grabs your eyes and displays 11.6-inches classy HD screen resolution and offers best viewing angles. Storing up to 10 hrs. of battery life, it can encourage smooth hassle-free work for almost all day long.

You might as well carry it along to conference halls or lecture rooms and the laptop won’t bother you for rapid recharging. 2.76 pounds of weight enhances the mobility of this hybrid design and can accompany you on your work trips without adding on your luggage. 

Considering its specs, the laptop isn’t powerful enough but doesn’t lag in performance and can smoothly perform all your general computer tasks with satisfactory output and is extremely pocket-friendly on the brighter side.

So, if you’re searching a laptop exclusively for notes taking, then spending a lot from your pocket is not advisable and Acer Chromebook 11 is the best suitable option.


Technology delivers plenty of solutions to aid in your purpose. Be it a laptop, or tablet, when combined with a stylus, smooth touch, vast keypad, or an added wireless keyboard etc.

Many such facilities nowadays encourage advanced ways of note-taking. And with the endless variety of laptop designs in the market, it all depends upon picking the right one for yourself.

We hope to give you sufficient insight into the world of emerging laptops and how these above-mentioned systems can aid you with fast desirable note-taking. Do leave a reply and best of luck!!

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