2021 Top 10 Best Laptops For Realtors And Real Estate Agents

For a Realtor, bargaining and business are a trademark to acquire and over the passage of time, it is constantly rising among the people of interest. Being a Real-estate professional, switching between administrative duties to field tours on a routine basis, it gets quite challenging to manage.

You are definitely looking for something to make your work easier and a brilliant laptop can divide most of your workload. A machine with marked-up performance, sufficient storage to help manage your data and files, flexible portability and by that we mean an extended battery life packed up in the smallest system light as a feather and durable to last for ages.

A one-time wise investment can save you from day to day hassle and keep track of all your surroundings. 

So, for these licensed officials responsible for your property dealings, here is good news as many renowned brands consider delivering high-quality mini-laptops while keeping in mind the ease of handling and usability.

List Of 10 Best Laptops For Realtors

Below is the list of 10 best laptops that can truly help a realtor with everyday property work, presentations, efficient data maintenance and can accompany you on tours. 

  • Lenovo Chromebook C330
  • Lenovo Flex 14
  • Asus VivoBook
  • Dell XPS 12
  • Samsung Galaxy Book
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • LG Gram 14
  • Asus ZenBook 13 
  • Huawei MateBook X Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6


If you are a realtor, then Chromebook is certainly a suitable option in order to carry out your routine tasks. Easy to carry, efficient enough to avoid troublesome computing, and promoting on the go working thus, known to be designed for on-site computer work, for realtors or real-estate agents.

Lenovo introduces this version of the most affordable C330 Chromebook that spreads its popularity among many starters as well as professionals in mild and less technical fields.  

This hybrid laptop drives power from a processor by MediaTek and packs 4GB DDR3 along with 64 GB eMMC. From a budget laptop like this one, you don’t expect some heavy-duty programming and immense power efficiency but for average usage, browsing, making spreadsheets, mapping, etc.

It certainly draws sufficient power to meet your demands. However, for someone requiring uplift of storage and improved efficiency, Lenovo helps you expand the storage capacity on this laptop as needed. 

If you ask me, I am definitely a Chromebook fan due to vast intelligence incorporated in its designing and turning it into a superb user-friendly model, light in weight, stylish to see and easy to hold. With only 2.64 pounds in weight, C330 Chromebook delivers an all-day-long battery life surviving up to 10 hrs.

The stylish slim exterior flaunts its finish in blizzard white coating and enhances functionality with highly sensitive and precise touch screen features. The 11-inch display is IPS in nature and delivers HD resolution so even on a screen this small in size, you don’t get any dissatisfaction while playing around. 

In a very small package, Lenovo manages to shrink enough features that are pretty high on end and sufficient to fulfill real estate field works.

  • Convertible in design
  • Average display
  • Upgradable storage
  • Stylish design
  • Average built
  • Sluggish performance


Convertible laptops are basically designed for people mostly on wheels and on-site work nature. The best examples are realtors and real estate agents for their field, mostly moving from place to place while carrying their workstation along.

Lenovo launches another exciting model by the name Flex 14 which is yet another hybrid laptop and drives enough power to fulfill mid-range computer tasks while not breaking your pockets. 

This laptop, being entirely flexible to flip and fold, weighs 3.52 pounds thus, helps efficient mobility. Its enchanting deep black slim chassis throws enough ambiance around the crowd and is appreciated by viewers.

The design is paired with a 14-inch display screen that proves to be a stunner with a Full HD touchscreen to encompass our desires. Touchscreen, however, is quite sensitive to touch suits best to a professional’s fingers, but the laptop includes a stylus pen along to further enhance usability. This is an added luxury that is rare to find in many high-end laptops. 

The power-pack load’s ample power and being quite budget-friendly seems an ideal choice for many. It is run by AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor which fills the background processing with speed and efficiency.

Paired along with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256 GB SSD further increase the laptop’s responsiveness and avoid any visible sluggishness. The backup storage space suffices a realtor to carry out his general computer tasks with repeated multitasking. 

The technology proves its versatility with quite many added features like a fingerprint reader and privacy shutter on webcam to keep your privacy and identity integrated, a pure windows 10 experience thus, avoiding bloatware and viruses, a good amount of connectivity slots and a powerful battery unit that can sustain 8 hrs. of consistent computing. Flex 14 convertible notebook immerses you in vast technical experience and sure does last forever.

  • Affordability
  • Stunning display
  • Stylus included
  • Great battery life
  • Limited storage
  • Reflective issues with glossy screen


Another budget-friendly laptop in this category is VivoBook by Asus which due to its cost efficiency, tends to get popular nowadays as for quite a friendly price tag, it can offer you a lot than what you imagine. 

This laptop powered by Intel core i5 processor-8250U based at 1.6GHz clock frequency, has 8GB RAM and offers a monstrous storage capacity of 128GB SSD plus 1TB HDD to handle large files and fast paced multitasking.

Although this laptop is not a touchscreen to drop your excitement nor convertible in nature. However, being super light in weight, it promises flexible portability for builders and realtors to carry it along as a travel partner.

VivoBook weighs to be 3.7 pounds and within the classic grey thin metallic body, it packs exceptional power and functionality. 15.6-inches widescreen has NanoBezels which can further widen the flawless display and provides 80% screen to body ratio. 

The classic series of VivoBook has modernized its design and added a variety of interesting hardware-based improvements to facilitate its consumers. Such as ergonomic chiclet keyboard with fingerprint sensor, comprehensive connectivity ports along with a supreme power efficient software working in the background.

People involved with real-estate affairs and serving as realtors must certainly opt for this high-tech machine to ease their profession.

  • Good value for money
  • Ample storage
  • Slim decent design
  • Portability
  • Short battery life
  • No ethernet port

4. DELL XPS 12

Being a realtor, the target is not just a powerful workstation, but a system that can achieve the highest level of comfort and flexibility of usage. As such fields mostly require efficient mobility and not just sticking to your work desks.

Dell ensures vast functionality through high-end design while manufacturing XPS 12. It serves further improvement in the convertible style of a laptop by offering detachable screens to avoid carrying along with heavy keyboards in the tablet mode.

Thus, shrinking the size of the notebook to only 2.8 pounds. Dell promises a pretty compact light-weight system while managing a screen size of 12.5-inches with a brilliant touch which for a computer artist or a gamer seems unpleasant but for a real estate agent, it draws satisfactory visuals to avoid any discomfort to eyes.

The classic UHD 4K display leaves you stuck with excitement when it thrills you with the best resolution on your computer screens with improved saturation and fine detailing. 

Packed with a Core M 6Y54 processor clocked at 2.70GHz, it is not powerful enough to run highly efficient computer tasks like that of Intel core processors, however, for mapping out spreadsheets, Microsoft usage or other such mild programs, such processing power is pretty sufficient. 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD seem ample to a realtor for his computer speed and storage requirements.

Not only being detachable in design, yet it offers another exclusive feature of fanless hardware that gives it a pin drop silence during hardcore processing. Although this feature is pretty useful in eliminating added computer noise, it tends to heat up the system making it unpleasant for users which may be counted as one of the downsides to this laptop. 

The windows operated system has a strong battery unit that can last up to 8 hrs. of battery life which is almost an entire day of hassle-free working. XPS 12 with very few apparent flaws proves its reliability in a very decent price tag and can certainly handle your real estate presentations.

  • Excellent 4k display with Gorilla Glass Protection
  • Decent color accuracy
  • Quiet processing
  • Strong battery life
  • Small screen size
  • Heat up issues


Being a detachable notebook, Galaxy Book can serve as a tablet with keyboard completely separated, and sure is a better option than your standard tablets as it accommodates more power and efficiency being a solid laptop. Powered by mighty Windows OS, it can maximize productivity and help ease out access to many computer applications. 

Available in two different screen sizes, Samsung leaves it to the buyers to choose the model regarding their choice and budget. However, both the models serve equal quality display with Full HD panel and classy sensitive touch ability.

Yet, they differ in the strength of the battery unit installed within that is slightly reduced with the 12-inch model of a laptop but gives solid 11 hrs. of battery period with 10-inch screen size.

Pressure-sensitive and EMR S pen is included as a bonus to this laptop that reciprocates the usage capacity with this notebook in hand. With such a classy design in hand, it can pretty much add a sense of style to your presentations being a realtor. 

Taking notes of the software, this mini notebook is run by Intel Core M mobile processor which is not strong up to the mark but a huge 256 GB SSD will definitely stretch its speed and efficiency to reduce sluggishness.

It effortlessly switches from a high-quality touch to a standard keyboard for typing. With a pinch of touch, it connects your Galaxy Book to your Samsung smartphones and opens a world of technical benefits with a highly calibrated system. With the help of its super-fast charging, Samsung can take 3 hrs. to recharge after 11 hrs. of video playback on your Galaxy Books. If you are taking suggestions being a real estate worker, this will definitely ease your life.

  • Slim detachable design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Enchanting display
  • Keyboard cover and S pen included
  • Limited performance
  • Outdated processor


As the name specifies, the laptop although fulfilling the latest market demands is light as air. It’s surprising how it can hide so much power and superiority within such a small sleek defined body, but Apple being Apple, you can always expect the unexpected.

Being a reliable name in the industry, Apple delivers durability that lasts for ages and for a profession involving real estate affairs, a laptop must survive wear and tear as well as flexible portability. 

If your budget allows you, your work desks must certainly see this robust machine, super-efficient, a symbol of luxury. With a storage capacity of 256 GB that can stretch up to 1.5 TB SSD and 16 GB RAM, it can submerge you with infinite versatile computing while catching ultra-speed and rigorous multi-tasking.

Hold no regrets, it is the best value for a huge balance that you are paying. Powered by Dual-core Intel core i5 processor, it is brave to challenge increasing power requirements. 

Luxurious metallic chassis in a delightful space grey color, it looks like a statement sitting on your work table catching eyes from all around. Installed Intel UHD Graphics 616, it seems unimportant to a realtor but if money can buy you added benefits in your system, feel free to be entertained and add more colors to your life.

A classic Retina display is designed to please your eyes on a 13.3-inches screen, filled with absolute details and excellent viewing angles. 

The dramatic power of this MacBook is followed by 12 hrs. of all-day-long battery life which can aid you with consistent worry-less prolonged hours of work. A laptop full of high-end features, MacBook is certainly a dream to many who can afford it.

  • Premium laptop with classy aluminum chassis
  • Ultra-performance
  • Integrated security
  • Battery life
  • Expensive

7. LG GRAM 14

LG gram series brings to you a series of most splendid laptops that are specifically regarded to offer extended battery life and small classy exteriors hence, seems a nice choice for realtors. Gram 17 being a 2-in-1 variant is truly light in weight and can easily be your friend on long distances while fixed in a backpack. 

Packed with immense power, the robust software of this notebook is run by 8th generation Intel Core i7-8586U processor and when paired up with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, it can conquer almost any complex computer programming with fast loading and no system hang-ups.

For realtors or any low-tech person, 8GB RAM is known to be standard and if provided with a 512 GB storage system, it definitely is a dream. 

A laptop with several screen options, this model here offers a widescreen of 14-inches with crisp HD resolution on an IPS display with Wacom stylus included that further enhances precise screen touch.

With such a fine screen display and in-depth resolution, the system finds it not a problem to stretch itself for an incredibly long battery life of 21 hrs. Yes, you saw that right!! That is the beauty of the Gram series by LG that tends to leave many rivals behind.

The system, however, small and feather-like promises an exceptionally strong built and lasting durability. Military standard tests prove this machine to be capable of wear and tear. 

Although being a little heavy on your pockets, considering its versatility and surrounding a bunch of innovative features, yes, it deserves to hold credit and definitely a go-to machine for all the real estate agents out there.

  • Incredibly long battery life
  • Small and highly durable
  • Customizable screen options
  • Wacom EMR stylus
  • Expensive


Yet another remarkable addition by Asus, ZenBook 13 is rarely missed when mentioning reliability, affordability and choice. Nowadays, where people are trending more towards widescreen laptops which can add up to the weight of the overall machine as well cost.

For a realtor, builder or technical people with field works, smaller screen sizes come handy that are weightless to hold and quite affordable with as many benefits as any expensive high-end laptop system.

With 8 GB of temporary backup storage RAM and 512 GB SSD, ZenBook 13 is powered by 8th generation Intel core i5-8265U processor that can turbo boost the processing up to 3.9 GHz while maintaining super functionality of the system. With so much power running in the background, this notebook is strong enough to survive a battery life of 12 hrs. which accommodates hassle-free computing for an entire day.

In terms of design and productivity, Asus ensures a lasting reliability. The slim lightweight body will catch your eyes in a crowd as super thin bezels enhance an overall prestige of the chassis topping up a gorgeous metallic body which is quite durable and strong to survive rough usage.

The invisible bezels are designed intelligently to enhance screen visibility on size of 13.3-inches display, full HD in nature and handle superb image details and clarity of vision. 

Also presenting a theatre environment with excellent sound quality owing to Harmon-Kardon and quite many connectivity options helping users with presentations, multimedia usage or supporting any other external device to the hub of this computer, Asus ZenBook 13 is for sure, a good value for money.

  • Metallic grey durable chassis
  • Potent performance
  • Updated design with latest features
  • Dramatic display with InfinityEdge bezels
  • No apparent flaws


Where the majority of the industry is taken over by MacBook, However, it doesn’t really satisfy a Windows lover. For people who admire the benefits and wonders of Microsoft look around for an equally powerful Windows replacement of MacBook and Huawei takes hold over that gap.

Pro, the latest popular High-end MateBook series can certainly give you a pure windows experience along with unending dramatic power exposure. Offering many premium features with a fantastic price, for people demanding versatility in their systems, this one’s for you. 

Software run by Intel core processors that are available in i5 and i7 versions, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD stores a lot of backup space for a huge bundle of your files and data.

Also packed with graphic magic, MateBook Pro has a dedicated graphic chip by NVIDIA with 2GB for GeForce MX150 GPU. So, by the end of loaded computer work, you might as well get entertained by the latest games on your screens. 

A 13.9-inch screen with dynamic 3K touch display is a dream to many and fine quality, life-like resolution can help many professionals work with ease, reducing discomfort and burdening their eyes. For real estate agents, computer work can be a piece of cake on such high-end quality notebooks. 

With Huawei MateBook pro in hand, just work like a pro with excellent screen to body ratio and infinite advanced built-in features leaving you thrilled with joy.

Pop-camera for added privacy, Quad-speakers with Dolby Atmos audio system, comfortable backlit keyboard, true-tone display, ultra-portable notebook, extended battery life, all packed inside an extremely stylish metallic body with a durable aluminum finish.

  • Vivid gorgeous display with slim bezels
  • Slim and stylish
  • Robust hardware configurations
  • Back-lit keyboard
  • Heat-up issues


Last but not the least, Surface Pro 6 is a winner among all. The best among hybrid laptops, it marks its superiority and versatility in any demanding field of technology. For realtors and investors, real estate agents and workers, the choice although is costly but covers almost every aspect of your needs.

As for professionals of this field, GPU involvement is not necessary for which Surface Pro 6 seems better than Surface Book 2. With the high-end detachable design, this laptop can sure as well be used as a tablet in your presentations and on the go work. 

With incredible hardware as well as software configurations, Surface Pro 6 induces a pure Microsoft experience eliminating bloatware and providing first-hand windows functionality. With 1.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor-3960X, it carries a RAM of 16 GB and 1 TB SSD with incomparable proficiency. 

A laptop with higher SSD space is next to none as nothing makes a system more efficient than wide storage capacity to make it super-speedy and responsive. 

This ultra-slim super-sonic machine weighs as small as 1.7 pounds which for a tablet is imaginable but for a laptop, is truly a fantasy. With a single charge, this laptop can stretch up to 13.5 hrs. of battery life. So, both combine to make this system super portable for people working on the wheels. 

However, on the downside, this notebook is not at all a budget-friendly module as with a pretty handsome price-tag, it still doesn’t include keyboard cover and stylus and has to be purchased individually. Overall, if you are demanding a highly powerful Windows system along with benefits of design and portability, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 will never disappoint its users. 

  • Powerful laptop with premium design features
  • Compact and durable
  • Customizable configurations
  • Excellent battery life
  • Expensive laptop


The above-assembled laptops draw attention to several different kinds of laptops varying in price but equally powerful and reliable. It takes time and dedication to successfully run a Real-Estate practice. We hope to draw enough market analysis for you to visualize the category of laptops you must choose from. Rest assured, keeping in mind very few basic key-features, you are on the verge of picking the best model for yourself. Good Luck with your laptop hunt and leave your queries in the comment section below. 

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