Best Laptops For Seniors 2020 (Easy To Use)

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At the time of the fiber internet, the purchase of a laptop is almost essential regardless of age, whether to browse the internet, watch a video or pay taxes! Fortunately, there are now models specifically adapted for the elderly who are new to the field of computer.

But be careful not to go wrong so as not to waste money stupidly. To make it easier for you, I offer you a guide to buying the best laptops for seniors at the moment!

Top 3 Best Laptops For Elderly

1. Ordissimo ART0323: The Best Computer For Senior On The Market

Best Laptop For Seniors

If you have never heard of Ordissimo, this is a brand of personal computers specifically designed for beginners, be it a child, an adult or a senior. Keyboard, graphical interface, applications, everything is so easy to use that it becomes disconcerting. The brand offers here its model ART0323, which is announced as the best senior computer of the moment.

The Strong Points

Big Screen: A computer for the elderly will offer a better comfort of use with a big screen. In this regard, this model is particularly interesting because it embeds a screen of 15.6 inches (39.6 cm diagonally), which will offer better visibility of the different icons, better readability of the letters displayed, etc.

Powerful Processor: The processor is the heart that runs a computer. That of this model offers good performance, it is an Intel Celeron 3215U, which has 4 GB of RAM, which is already very good, because most ship 2 GB of RAM. This can guarantee a certain speed and a good fluidity in the execution of the various tasks (word processing, surfing the Internet, etc.).

Large Memory Capacity: This model offers a memory capacity of 500 GB, enough to store all your data (photos, videos, songs, documents, etc.). In general, videos are the largest files, a movie can occupy up to nearly 2 GB. So for your information, this model can store up to 250 movies. If you put only twenty, you will still have plenty of room to store something else.

Very Easy To Use: So far, the personal computers of the brand Ordissimo are deemed to be the simplest in terms of use. The grip is particularly fast in beginners. It’s even the best simplified computer for seniors, for many users.

DVD player/recorder: Older people love watching DVDs. They can do this on this device, especially that it has built-in speakers. No need to plug the player into the living room. Moreover, they even have the possibility to create their own DVD (slideshow of photos, editing of small recorded videos, etc.) thanks to the burner.

The Weak Points

The Price: Indeed, the price of this device is not given, even if it represents a great investment in terms of laptop for the senior. However, its great ease of use, its big screen, its power, its large capacity of storage, one can say that this model justifies well its price.

2. Ordissimo Agathe 2: The Best Value For Money

If you find that it is unthinkable to spend more than 500 euros, even for a beginner’s computer, then the model Agathe 2 will surely interest you. This computer is announced as being the best quality/price ratio of the moment. Designed by Ordissimo, it is very easy to use, and its grip is very fast, even for those who have never touched a computer. Here are its biggest features.

The Strong Points

Lightness: This model is among the lightest on the market, with only 1.4 kg on the scale. However, it offers a pretty good size screen of 14 inches (35.6 cm diagonal), to give you a good visibility and readability of letters on the screen, movies, texts, etc.

Good Power: With its Intel Celeron N3050 processor with 2 GB of RAM, this laptop will be responsive and fluid for the tasks you will impose. Play videos, view photos, check emails, surf the Internet, this laptop will perform all your tasks with ease.

SSD Hard Drive: This model uses SSD technology for its hard drive, which makes it faster, quieter (because no mechanical parts), more resistant, less energy consuming, and releases much less heat.

Designed by Ordissimo: If this name does not tell you anything, then you have to know that it is a brand of personal computer that has specialized in the design of simplified computers, so that all beginners, even those who have never handled a computer, can use and enjoy this technology. Among others, the keyboard has been specially designed to be easy to use, ditto for the interface as well as the icons on the home screen, etc.

Built-in Webcam: Like almost all laptops, this model has a built-in webcam, but its has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which will ensure beautiful picture quality when making video calls with your loved ones.

Virus-free: Like all Ordissimo models, this one is also immune to viruses. Indeed, it uses an operating system of its own, incompatible with viruses, even the most widespread on other operating systems such as Windows.

The Weak Points

Insufficient Memory: The small problem with this model is its small storage capacity of only 64 GB. However, the user can very well store his files (photos, videos, songs, etc.) on another medium, such as a USB key. Just connect this device to access the files.

3. Acer Chromebook: Best Chromebook For Elderly

Best Laptops For Elderly

If you find it useless to invest as much (nearly 1000 euros) for a simplified computer for seniors, Acer probably has the solution for you, with this Chromebook. Offered at less than 600 euros, this model is also easier to use than “classic” laptops, especially with its operating system Chrome OS. Here are some of his biggest features.

The Strong Points

Chrome OS: This operating system is particularly known for being easy to use. If you know how to use an Android Smartphone or Android tablet, then you will have no trouble using this device. In addition, you can install many applications, like your phone, through the Play Store.

Beautiful Finish: This model is very stylish, with its aluminum alloy finish, which makes it a particularly durable and durable model, which will not be afraid of small shocks here and there. Just touch, this model will seduce you.

Full HD Screen: With its high definition screen with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, your photos and videos will appear to you with remarkable clarity. The screen is also a fairly good size, with 14 inches (35.6 cm diagonal), which is enough to offer you a certain comfort of use through your various tasks (office, multimedia, etc.). .

Portability: This laptop is among the lightest on the market, with only 1.55 kg on the scale. You can carry it with you anywhere without problem. In addition, it gives you a more than reasonable range, with a life of 12 hours on average, or a whole day of use without having to recharge.

Quick Connect: Chromebooks are known to be monsters, in terms of speed of connection. Indeed, these devices have been optimized for use on the Internet. Surf, share photos, download files, this device promises a very good user experience at this level.

The Weak Points

Low storage capacity: With 64GB of memory, the user will not be able to store much. That said, this device has been, as said above, optimized for use on the Internet, especially with Google services, including Google Drive, which offers a large storage capacity online.

Laptop or Tablet For Senior?

It is true that older people are a bit overwhelmed by new technologies, such as the laptop. Yet, this device has become increasingly unavoidable, even for people of a certain age. For example, more and more paperwork can (or should) be done online. Another example, the email is about to completely evict paper mail. In short, it is high time to get started. But what to choose between computer or tablet?

The Advantages Of a Laptop

First of all, you have to differentiate between a desktop computer and a laptop. The first is more recommended because it is rarely moved. It can also be customized (keyboard adapted with large characters, etc.). On the other hand, it can cost more than a laptop, which has the advantage of being … portable. Indeed, you can use it everywhere, in your room, in the living room, in the kitchen to search for recipes on the Internet, etc.

There are even computers specially adapted for the elderly. These have been simplified at best (adapted keyboard, simplified interface, etc.).

The Advantages Of Tablet

On the other hand, there are tablets that have managed to reduce the sales of laptops. This is due in particular to their great ease of use. They offer a more intuitive use, thanks to their touch screen. Their problem lies in their size, they are smaller, which makes it difficult to enter text, especially for people of a certain age. There is also the problem of battery life, but it is a common problem with laptops.

How to choose your senior laptop?

The selection criteria for a senior laptop are not so different from those to consider when choosing a conventional laptop. With the difference that it will always be better to choose a simple device to use. The first criterion would be the ease of use. For the other criteria, they remain the same.

Ease of use

It is true that assimilation (understanding, learning, etc.) becomes more difficult with age, so it is better to move towards the simplest device to use. Nowadays, there are laptops specifically designed for the elderly. Simplified interface, keyboard adapted with big characters, everything has been redesigned so that the biggest beginners can take advantage of the possibilities offered by the technology.

We could also talk about the operating system used by some laptops, including Chromebooks that use for example the Chrome OS, deemed to be easier to use than Windows or iOS Apple.

Otherwise, a touch screen also offers a plus in terms of ease of use. Indeed, the manipulation of a mouse is not always obvious for everyone, let alone the touchpad mouse. For information, you can buy and connect a USB mouse on a laptop, for those who can not use the touchpad.


In terms of laptop, we must also see closely what relates to the portability of the device. So, check his weight. On average, laptops weigh 3 kg. If the device displays a weight below, it’s already good. Some very fine models even have a weight of less than 2 kg.

Size is also an important element to consider. The ideal size, displayed in inches, is 15 inches. However, some 14-inch models are still quite comfortable to use, and are a bit less bulky.

Autonomy also counts in mobility. Instead of looking each time a plug to plug your laptop, it would be better if it shows a more or less comfortable autonomy, to work without a plug. You will be able to carry it from one room to another, for example from the bedroom to the living room, or vice versa, without having to connect it to a socket. Some models offer an autonomy of more than 12 hours, which corresponds to a whole day of use.


When we talk about laptops, we automatically talk about power. While it is not always easy to distinguish the right processor, there are some clues like RAM. The average used by the “good” devices is 2 GB of RAM. If the device offers more, it will be even better. Ditto for the storage memory of your files, it will always be better to benefit from more space, to store the different files (photos, videos, documents, songs, etc.).


It is important that a laptop offers a wide range of connectivity, to connect your different devices. Be aware that a USB 3.0 port is faster in terms of file transfer than a USB 2.0 port. The more USB ports there are, the better. It is also necessary to have a card reader, for example to record and / or quickly view your files (photos, videos) taken with your camera or camera.

Other than that, an HDMI port will allow you for example to connect your device to a larger screen, to view your movies in better conditions. An Ethernet port will provide the wired internet connection.


In addition to the Ethernet port (RJ45 cable), a laptop must also have a built-in network card to connect to WiFi. This will allow you to connect more easily, without having to install a cable. It would also be better if the device offers the Bluetooth function, for easier communication with your different devices (Smartphone, tablet, etc.), in terms of file sharing.


Finally, there is nothing like a laptop with great performance in terms of multimedia. Remember to check the screen resolution. Between HD and Full HD, choose the second one to have much better results in terms of display. Also remember to check the presence of a good graphics card with some capacity in terms of dedicated memory. The bigger it is, the better.

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