10 Best Laptops For Travel and Work : 2021’s Top Laptops

Laptop purchases can be heavy on the pocket and many people look for varying factors when investing in a laptop. The longevity of the laptop is the utmost priority to some, but some people prefer a laptop that is loaded with exemplary features. There are some features people neglect within a laptop on purpose while some miss out on important knowledge due to lack of knowledge.

It is important to have proper knowledge of laptops and their functioning. Laptops are a delicate device and it needs to be taken care of if a person wants it to last longer. The most important factor that we mostly neglect when buying a laptop is its portability. Most laptops are very heavy or have a delicate exterior which makes it not so suitable for travel.

The travel factor can be a serious issue for some people as the world is becoming a global village and trading markets are diverse. The laptop can mean the world to some people as it allows them to have access to entertainment, movies, work, schedules, and meetings. When traveling it is important to keep the laptop safe and handle it with care.


However, it is important for a laptop to be travel friendly as well. People often have to work for a few hours on their vacation. In times like these, it is so important to own a good functional laptop that will allow the user access to all his important work. We have handpicked some of our laptop preferences and listed them down below.

1. Apple MacBook Air

Apple is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to technology and electronic products. When travel is in question and people require a laptop that is compatible with their working situations, there is no doubt about MacBook Air. Apple MacBook Air is an exquisite laptop which is quite a high investment.

However, its impeccable feature and exterior make it worth the plunge. The Apple MacBook Air is super light-weight and consists of a high-resolution technology.

The MacBook Air is a highly compact laptop with a 13-inch wide display. The laptop has a retina display which makes the colors of the laptop bright and precise. The visual display is quite pleasant to the eye due to the true tone technology. It has a touch ID technology that allows easy access to the users. The backlit magic keypad is phenomenal as airplanes at night are quite dark and at night due to the backlit keypad, you can work in peace without anyone getting disturbed.

The quad-core processor of MacBook Air is i5 and it is a 10th generation laptop. It has iris plus graphics which are delusional and fascinates the user to no extent. It has an ample amount of storage which allows fast SSD access to the storage. It has three Type-C USB ports along with a battery that lasts up to 11 hours. It has 8GB memory along with stereo speakers for crisp sound effects. It weighs around 2.7 lbs. and has a macOS operating system.

  • Extremely light-weight
  • True tone technology
  • Quick SSD storage
  • Compact size
  • Cannot get fixed easily

2. Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

An individual looking to buy quality laptops and willing to a handsome amount can blindly trust Apple laptops. Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro is an easy to carry and a light-weight device which enables an individual to travel with it in comfort. Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro is amongst the series of MacBook Pro and it is working quite well for users.

The Apple MacBook Pro has a macOS operating system which is quite sufficient for longer use. The turbo boost technology within the MacBook Pro is an extremely useful function as it enables faster functioning of the device. The MacBook Pro is a tenth-generation device along with an i5 quad-core processor. It has originally a 3.1 GHz processor which can work up to 3.5 GHz due to the turbo boost technology.

The memory within this laptop is quite adequate as it has up to 8GB memory. The actual storage space within this laptop is 256 GB which is quite sufficient when it comes to handling school work or office work. Its operating temperature is 10 degrees to 35-degree Celsius. This laptop is quite an investment but it is meant to last for decades without repair of exchange. If you are somebody who needs to travel a lot and you need a laptop that is durable, go for this one.

  • Ample storage space
  • 8GB memory
  • Good battery life
  • Turbo boost technology
  • Parts not available

3. Dell XPS 13

Dell is flourishing with time and has created an exceptional standard within the electronics industry. Dell is one of the most phenomenal brands within the technology industry and it has been re-evaluating its products and producing new innovative devices. Dell XPS 13 is the latest launch in the Dell laptop series, it is a Windows 10 laptop with an intel core processor. It has a smart turbo technology which is quite sufficient in boosting the cores.

The Dell XPS 13 is a 14-inch laptop, it has a wide 14-inch display with an HD quality. The laptop is of 64-bit with amazing features to back its exterior. This laptop is very traveling friendly as it has an amazingly sleek design which makes it fit easily in your travel bag. It has a backlit keyboard with intense light pickling through it. Sometimes when you are traveling and you have dim lightroom, the backlit technology comes to the immediate rescue.

This laptop is made with high-quality material and it is integrated with absolutely phenomenal technology which makes it precisely functional. This laptop weighs around 2.7 lbs. which makes it compatible with traveling. The battery life matters quite a lot when traveling, it has an 8-hour long battery life which means you do not have to constantly worry about charging it. It has 128 GB of storage to enable the user to store various files.

  • 64-bit
  • i5 core processor
  • Turbo boost mechanism
  • 128 GB storage
  • No true tone technology

4. Microsoft surface book 3

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Microsoft surface book 3 is an exceptional laptop amongst the Microsoft series as it has high user compatibility and dual technology. The operating system of this laptop is Windows 10 home which is the latest operating system and empowers the device in this series. This laptop is crafted in a way to optimize the speed of the laptop. Today the needs of the people are growing and everybody is living in a fast-paced life.

This laptop is crafted by keeping in mind the needs of the user today. It is a 10th generation laptop with a quad-core processor. Its features make this laptop extremely useful and it optimizes the functionality of the user within a day to day life. The color gradient of this laptop is amazing as it makes everything visually pleasing to the eye. It also has an adjustable setting through which you can auto-tune or sharpen the display on the screen.

The screen is 13.5 inches and has a minimal edge covering. The wide display and the display clarity enable the user to have a phenomenal watching experience. It has three USB ports; each USB port has a distinct feature and allows the user to use it to the maximum. It has a PixelSense HD display and a significant amount of storage space. It has a 15.5 hours battery life which is extreme when compared to other laptops.

  • 15.5-hour battery life
  • PixelSense HD display
  • 13.5-inch display 
  • SSD storage 
  • Detachable screen
  • No NanoEdge display

5. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo is an emerging electronics brand that seems to be breaking all boundaries and creating strong grounds for themselves. It is extremely important for a user to invest in a laptop that provides an easier means for traveling as you never know when you will have to travel. If you want a laptop that is sufficient for everyday use as well as has traveling compatibility, Lenovo IdeaPad would not fail you.

It has a mobile processor AMD Ryzen 5; this laptop also contains some exemplary features to intrigue the interest of the user. It also has Radeon graphics that assist with the daily tasks and helps deliver a high performance. It has a 14-inch FHD screen which is quite standard as it allows the user to carry it with ease whenever traveling. It has a crisp audio technology that allows the user to hear clear audio without headphones as well.

It also has other innovative features such as Q-control which gives the user leverage to switch between the modes quickly. The battery saving mode within this laptop has been a lifesaver for most of the users as it elongates the already long battery life. It has a physical shutter that keeps the privacy of the laptop intact. It has three USB ports, a Bluetooth as well as a WIFI 5 for user inference.

  • Battery saver mode
  • 3 USB ports
  • Ample storage
  • Q-control
  • Take longer to log in

6. Samsung Chrome book 4

Samsung Chrome book is one of the most durable laptops available in the market and it has constantly been on the top of the best laptops for travel. This laptop is a Windows 10 technology that is standard when it comes to technology integration. This laptop is a touchscreen style that is trending currently. We are used to using touch screen phones and the touchscreen technology within a laptop allows the user to be more efficient with their work.

It has a chrome OS operating system and it is the fourth laptop in the chrome series. It has a 15.6 inches immersive and large display within a compact frame. This quality is extremely beneficial when a user is using the laptop for travel purposes as well. It has military-grade durability which makes it exceptionally long-lasting. This laptop is made for rough work use which is why most technology experts swear by this laptop.

This laptop is designed with consideration and has a high operating ability. It has a fast WIFI connectivity technology which ensures that a user’s WIFI works faster and the device is connected to any WIFI in nanoseconds. The advanced security system of the Samsung Chrome book makes it good for cybersecurity professionals as well. Its battery life is 10.5 hours long and it is charged within 2 hours fully. The Google assistant is automatically enabled.

  • Google assistant enabled
  • Touchscreen technology
  • 10.5-hour battery life
  • Sleek design
  • A little heavy

7. Lenovo Yoga 910

Lenovo Yoga 910 is a laptop with a 360-degree rotatable screen, this laptop is extremely flexible and allows the user to use it according to their preferences. The Lenovo Yoga 910 has an operating system Windows 10 and it is amongst the Lenovo yoga series. This laptop is considered to be best when traveling as its flexibility allows the user to work in whatever position they are comfortable in.

This laptop is a 7th generation laptop along with an i7 processor to enable smooth functioning of the laptop. The storage space within the laptop is 256 GB which is quite enough for someone who downloads or exchanges files on a regular basis. It has a flip-and-fold design which is why it is so flexible. This laptop is ultra-thin and weighs around 3 lbs. All these factors add to superiority as it is quite easy to carry around without feeling burdened.

It has a CD and DVD port as well which most of the laptops lag these days. It has powerful lithium batteries that are durable and need replacement only once in a while. This laptop has a fingerprint reader, a backlit keyboard as well as an ultra-portable design. It has three Type-C USB ports as well as a microphone. This laptop works really well for editing and longer use at once. It also has a strong audio system to support loud and clear sound.

  • DVD and CD port
  • 3 USB ports
  • Light-weight
  • Crisp audio system
  • Contains only basic features

8. Acer Chromebook spin 11

Acer is a fairly underrated company, but its electronic devices and laptop are of premium quality. The lasting ability of Acer laptops is extremely phenomenal. Acer Chromebook Spin as the name suggests is a quite flexible laptop with a rotating technology. This laptop is quite budget-friendly yet it provides all the basic features one requires on a laptop.

This laptop works really well for college going students as well as the working population. This laptop works to optimize its internal features on its own. It has a booting system that enables the update within seconds. The in-built virus system kills all the viruses and malware as soon as it enters your laptop. This way the user does not have to worry about updating the system for viruses. It has a Chrome OS operating system which has benefits of its own.

It has a Google play store as well as an in-built Office 360 account with a free subscription for MS word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. This subscription is free for one-year and saves a lot of user’s money. It has an 11.6 inches display which is not that wide but it works perfectly for traveling purposes. It has a touch HD display which provides a magical overview of things. It has a 4 GB memory along with a battery life which lasts up to 10 hours without recharging.

  • Touch HD display
  • 4GB memory
  • Free MS Office 360 subscription
  • An in-built virus protection system
  • Not light-weight

9. CHUWI AeroBook Laptop

CHUWI is a fairly new name in the market and most people feel hesitant to invest in a company that is quite new. However, CHUWI has gained rapid success in the electronic field due to its excellence in outlining electronic devices that are customer based. CHUWI AeroBook laptop is a smart innovative device that is extremely courageous in providing what the user requires.

CHUWI AeroBook is amongst the AeroBook series and has a window 10 as its operating system. It has a 640bit dual-core quad-core processor and a high definition design. It has an overall storage space of 256 GB which is more than enough even if you download files like a maniac. It has an 8 GB memory which makes it snappier and fast within its domain.

The most laptop has a phenomenal display but CHUWI AeroBook display is even more special due to its anti-glare technology. The device has 13.3 inches of a display screen with a 1920x 1080 high-resolution display. This laptop is a color party for the eye due to its color precision and intense gradient. It weighs around 2.77 pounds and has an exquisite design to make it look extremely classy. It has a 38Wh battery which is extremely good-quality and lasts longer without exchanging. It contains a rapid charging DC port along with 10-hour worth battery life.

  • 13.3-inches high-resolution display
  • 10-hour battery life
  • 38Wh battery
  • Classy outlook
  • Not easy to understand

10. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

Chromebook is the latest technology trend in the market which is appreciated by many users due to their unlimited advantages. ASUS Chromebook flip is the ultimate editor’s choice as it provides a variety of advantages to users who require its use on a daily basis. This laptop has 64GB storage as well as a 4GB RAM which is moderate for a laptop.

It has varying abilities and features that further add to its proficiency. ASUS Chromebook Flip is considered to be extremely useful for people who are associated with the corporate world. This is due to the fact that the Chromebook flips consists of software such as MS Office 365, Google Play, Gmail, and Google Drive. Most laptops do not contain an in-built software feature which consists of an amalgamation of useful software.

The screen of this laptop is almost 14 inches wide with a NanoEdge display which allows the user to have a wide-angled view. It is a quite light-weight laptop with amazing exterior design. This laptop has a sleek looking outlook with an aluminum body.

The laptop has a royal outlook which makes it look like a super expensive device. It is a rotatable laptop which is bendable at various angles. It also has a pre-installed antivirus protection software and other battery saving technology. If you are someone who is affiliated with corporate work, do try this laptop out.

  • Pre-installed MS office 365 
  • Rotatable screen 
  • Battery saving technology 
  • Polished exterior design
  • Less storage space

Final verdict 

A laptop is a revolutionary device which is a necessity nowadays. It is an extremely daunting task to buy a laptop that is the perfect fit for your daily tasks. There are a lot of complex features within a laptop that most of the common people have no idea about. It is crucial to acquire important knowledge regarding devices that hold extreme importance in our daily lives.

We all are collectively progressing in a technology world and most of us have a fair share of ideas regarding laptops, their uses, and their efficiency. However, most people tend to ignore the traveling aspect when buying a laptop. Most people have had horrifying experiences of their laptops breaking during travel.  

It is crucial to look for laptops that are high-quality and established with efficiency. The backlit technology within the laptop allows the users to efficiently use the laptop in darker settings. During traveling, a person requires a laptop with a longer battery life as the charging ports are not frequently available.

All of these factors have pushed us to list down our favorite travel-friendly laptops above. You can choose a laptop that seems to synchronize with your everyday needs as well as your travel concerns. It is recommended to deeply analyze all the features of the device before making a plunge as it is an extremely costly purchase.

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