Top 10 Best Laptops Under $250 : 2021’s Top Laptops

Market analysis shows that within a small budget in hand, you still can achieve a profound laptop meeting all standards of quality performance and lasting reliability. Of course, with more conditions in hand, it gets further complicated to choose a desirable product to meet your interests and a limited pocket easily eliminates many high-end laptops from the list.

Well, to be precise it is not as tough of a job as a couple of essential features must certainly be considered even when you’re selecting a laptop for under $250 such as a minimum of 4 GB RAM is definitely attainable, a good Intel processor, durable and light-weight chassis etc.

List Of 10 Best Laptops Under 250 Dollars

With a huge variety of affordable laptops in the market, only a handful can best suit your interests. Let our article help you streamline some of the most reviewed laptops under your desired budget. 

  • Lenovo N22 
  • Acer Aspire 14
  • Asus Chromebook C300SA
  • Asus VivoBook Flip 
  • HP EliteBook 
  • Lenovo Ideapad 320
  • Dell Latitude
  • HP Stream Laptop 
  • Samsung Chromebook 3
  • AlldoCube KBook Lite


Although your aim is to stay light on your pockets but a limited budget in hand does not give you a reason to compromise on the quality. Lenovo where producing many high-end luxury laptops, can talk on the level of a beginner, student or a child willing to purchase a laptop under $250. 

N22 by Lenovo is an ideal selection for a budget-friendly laptop. With a range of $250, Chromebooks mostly come in handy and this one over here is a quality Chromebook.  It offers not a very strong processor but works well for basic Google functions and Microsoft applications.

Intel Celeron N3050 processor clocked at 1.60 GHz is coupled with 4 GB RAM which is quite promising and ensures the system’s compatibility to most of your day to day tasks. a 16 GB SSD might seem slow for driving mid-range efficient programs and you may require to upgrade it later paying some extra money. The laptop is also embedded with Intel UHD graphics which is a surprising add-on for a system of this category. 

Chromebooks give users a big share of portability. The Lenovo N22 weighs only about 2.65 pounds which is light as a feather. The handsome black exterior is light in weight but is designed to be strong and carries a solid built. Not a random low-quality plastic machine. Which is the reason why it has been opted by many. 11-inches screen however, is a big no for certain users. If your preference is a good size widescreen, this is not a favorable option for you. 

For students especially those who are mostly on wheels can enjoy hassle-free computing all day around. This is further encouraged with a super-strong battery life that can easily last up to 10 hours. For even a laptop of low-budget, this is the least you must expect, as to be provided with durability, fair performance, and certain essential usable features that may not disappoint you in the future.


This laptop is a factory refurbished version of Aspire 1 with pretty much the same specs and performance scale but having you save a bulk of 100 dollars to be precise. The certified renewed version offers you a variety of exciting features in a solid durable body with minimal scratches that are barely visible. It surely is a touch pad so what more can you ask for in a highly affordable laptop model.

The 14-inches screen offering precise touch features gives you easier and better usability while reducing excessive typing. For students who feel the need of note-taking on their laptops can benefit from the quality touchscreen on top of this well-designed machine. Moreover, Integrated Intel UHD 600 graphic card enhances the display ability to enrich your eyes with detailed graphics and sharper color quality. 

Aspire 14 in this particular model, as a cheaper dope for Aspire 1, is packed with somewhat the same software specs and is run by Intel Celeron N4000 with 1.10 GHz clock speed. The processor strength and speed are average and adjustable to your basic computer requirements and does promise years of reliability. It carries along 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 64 GB SSD. So yes, it can handle a good level of multitasking and suffice the speed demands.

Obsidian black in color, it can definitely catch your eyes on the first go. The laptop weighs 3.64 pounds and has good portability for flexible usage and frequent travel. Battery life may be considered a little downside. 6.5 hours is not something truly ideal for laptops in this class. For an average screen size and mid-range software specs, the battery figure must be strong to come up to the expectations of customers. However, the overall excellence of this laptop does let you halt for a while.


Another chromebook in the list of affordable under $250 laptops is by Asus C300SA, a 13.3-inches system that plays well with your basic computer requirements. It has an ultra-slim well-designed appearance which seems to be nothing less than a high-end luxurious laptop.

A chromebook weighing only 3 lbs. is nothing quite unlikely as typically such chromebook laptops tend to be light and thin. However, the productivity and durability must be something you should rely on and on top of that, a good price tag. 

This precise model features a strong dual-core processor, Intel Celeron N3060 clocked at 1.6 GHz. 4 GB DDR3 RAM in the background paired with 16 GB flash memory grant proficiency in speed and software efficiency of this laptop. It is known for its high-power wi-fi connectivity to eradicate the hassle during working hours online. Also a couple of connectivity ports along with an SD card reader makes it more usable. 

Chromebooks give you a first-hand chrome experience eliminating any malware and improving the system performance. Although such laptops are designed to be small and classy, the overall hardware elements are broad such as key spacing, a comfortable keyboard, broad screen, so to allow flexible typing and palm while working. An entire day of long-lasting battery life can save you some distress.

The battery power in this system can last for 10 hours which is a huge advantage for people willing to purchase this classy machine. If you’re saving some bucks for these many features in a laptop, this is surely a wise decision for casual computer workers or beginners.


Another exciting addition by Asus, is definitely a must review product for under $250 budget. What exclusive about this is beside other premium features, it offers a complete 360 degrees flip and fold design. It is unlikely to acquire a convertible laptop without spending a fortune and Asus has successfully managed that. 

11.6-inches delightful touchscreen can be used as per your desire. Four different modes of this laptop make it more usable and efficient to work with. This along with HD display that is attached with narrow side bezels to produce better wide-angle visuals. 4 GB Ram and 64 GB flash memory is placed on the motherboard which supports the system’s fast processing and delivers acceptable power to run general computer applications. 

The light-weight slim body of this ultrabook makes it more mobile and easier to carry. The low budget of this laptop does not compromise over the quality of material used for the chassis and although delicately designed but is durable.

So, the smaller screen size adds an advantage to the lightweight of this machine which is measured to be 2.8 pounds and when combined with 8 hrs. of elevated battery life, it leaves the portability issues far behind. I must say for the people not aiming to carry out high-end graphical tasks on their laptops must go for this exceptional model, as the small screen size is upsetting but overall features are quite promising and functional. 

The laptop supports Windows 10 S which is an app-based version of Microsoft Windows and allows you easy access to vast quality applications. However, Windows 10 home is also available and can be switched as your operating system.


This is another certified reviewed version by Amazon and certainly will come up to the expectations of those hunting for a pocket-friendly but a proficient laptop. One of the reasons why this product succeeded to enter in this list is the strong Intel core i5 processor embedded in this system. Well, unlike all the above-mentioned laptops, core i5 CPU is indeed a little surprising considering the price tag and this is why amazon brings you this classy refurbished version of HP to let you enjoy a compatible product within your limited pockets. 

Well, considering the overall appearance which is not quite eye-catchy and some may find it a bit outdated. The silver metallic body is designed to appear full and bulky. However, the weight of this machine says otherwise. This laptop weighs to be 4.7 pounds which is still very flexible to be easily carried around. So, this makes it fairly portable. 

Intel Core i5 processor with 2.5 GHz base frequency allows you efficient computing and sure does deliver huge productivity. For business purposes, professional users, and even those requiring full-time computer access on field works, HP EliteBook has got you all covered. 8 GB RAM comes along with a 500 GB hard drive that delivers sufficient power and gives you a good hand over the system’s speedy performance. I believe this is a lot one can ask for in a small budget.

Especially those considering software credibility over the design and external looks of a laptop. The system works well with 64-bit Windows 10 Home as a standard operating system to your delight and throws a combination of beautiful colors and excellent visuals on a 14.1-inches display. Moreover, Intel HD graphics 4000 does a commendable job rephrasing the display quality of this laptop.


IdeaPad series by Lenovo has been gaining increasing popularity for a while. 320 brings you a quite affordable replacement of its high-end expensive laptop models. Offering you a wide range of specs that simply outperform your computer tasks. This notably is the key element why most people have been opting for this laptop to save a penny. 

The 2018 version of this brilliant model, Ideapad 320 has 15.6-inches vivid LED backlit display which not only brings you an exceptional HD resolution but also is Anti-glare in nature to avoid excessive reflective issues and helps you work outdoors or in any possible environment.

It keeps you up with bright colors and balanced saturation and a full standard size screen enhances your working experience which is more than what you can expect with this price tag. Also, graphic power plays a major role in redefining your display graphics and integrated Intel HD 500 graphics on this system is not the most powerful but does an acceptable job. 

IdeaPad 320 features Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core processor clocked at 1.10 GHz which has the ability to turbo boost up to 2.40 GHz. This is a promising speed and can achieve pretty good mid-level programming. 4 GB RAM offers a good memory and a magnificent 1 TB HDD packed on the motherboard. Although it’s not as strong as an SDD on a system, considering the cost analysis, 1 TB is a huge storage space to gather excessive data and back-up memory. Also brings out effective results in terms of performance. 

The beautiful chassis carries fine details and is designed to be sleek and decent in appearance. However, not as light as other chromebooks described above, this laptop weighs 4.96 pounds and offers average portability. The hardware as well is ever-lasting, with a solid durable finish, it is loaded with ample amount of connectivity slots including HDMI and Ethernet, making the system more usable to your professional needs. 

Towards the downside, you may consider the battery power which is not as versatile as other exceptional features of IdeaPad 320. It is only powerful enough to sustain 5 hrs. of battery life which is not very flexible, to be honest. But no machine is flawless and so neither this laptop. Ideapad 320 is good to be considered for your interests in a limited pocket.


Dell is known for producing budget friendly laptops. Latitude E6420 is not the most popular name among Dell’s high-quality laptops, mainly because of its mid-range specs and average features. But talking about the best affordable laptops, it can definitely match your interests. 

Run by Intel core i5 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz which can catch good speed while running general computer tasks. Core i5 is considered to be of professional importance, as it can handle Microsoft applications and pretty power-demanding programs effortlessly. All depends upon the RAM and flash drive paired with this strong CPU.

This system carries 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 320 GB storage which drives a good speed to carry out stable multitasking. Also integrated Intel graphics embedded on this system adds value to the entire software capabilities of this laptop. 

Latitude is composed of 3 USB ports, HDMI and several other enlightening hardware elements which makes this laptop more functional on a daily basis. The tough build of this laptop tells a different story. Where most of the low-budget laptops are delicate and light, this one over here offers strength and the external design says it all. The solid matte grey exterior weighs 4.6 pounds which is quite movable and serves a good portability.  

You will not be disappointed with the screen size, as 14.1-inches does a commendable job in displaying exceptional visuals with a huge range of color variety to please your eyes. Rest assured by 64-bit windows 10 home working well with this system to outsmart your computer activities.


If your pocket does not allow you to buy a luxurious power-efficient laptop, I suggest you to spend your limited budget on a product that offers general standard specs and durable slim hardware. HP like several other laptop brands have made this possible. HP stream does a profound job while playing all the basic computer applications, Microsoft office, VLC, google chrome etc. 

Well, not a big fan of the blue color this laptop is surrounded with as they should offer more neutral color varieties, but honestly, the defined hardware aesthetics, quality plastic chassis and light-weight of this laptop says otherwise. It weighs 3.17 pounds and has a good portability level. However, the battery life sure does make you pause for a while. An excellent battery power that can last 10 hrs. of an entire day of computing, adds up to the value of this concise affordable laptop.  

A laptop under $250 would not have the latest generation processor or wide end SSD, but Intel Celeron N3060 with turbo boost technology can handle most of the power requirements while working on this system. 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB eMMC memory helps the software carry out hassle-free computing and avoid excessive system lagging. 

Preinstalled Windows 10 Home is best to get your things done efficiently. Moreover, within a fair price tag, the package contains a 1-year office 365 subscription as a complementary accessory. So, you need not worry to pay extra for Microsoft office applications. 2 USB 3.0 ports along with a USB 2.0 is not something every budget-friendly laptop can give you and is exclusive to many few credible laptops under $250.


Samsung manufactures this ultra-thin chromebook for people following a tight budget. Of course, with Samsung, you do not feel the need to ensure durability of the products as they are reliable as a fact. Chromebook 3 is not as efficient in its software power and abilities, but on the same end, it will bring you the best low-level computing without any system hung-up issues and effectively performs all general computer tasks. 

Featuring Intel Celeron N3060 processor, it pairs it up with 2 GB RAM which is slightly less as compared to the other affordable under $250 laptops listed above. But to your excitement, Samsung has managed to enfold 16 GB of SSD which is a huge plus for low-budget chromebook lovers. SSD ensures good performance, effective multitasking and strengthens the output results through this laptop. Which is mainly the reason why Chromebook 3 has consistently been achieving positive feedback and customer satisfaction. On top of that, the machine carries a super strong battery unit which can easily maintain a battery life of an entire day. 11 hrs. to be precise is the battery period acquired by Samsung chromebook. 

Multiple brilliant design features loaded over this laptop make it super usable with functional add-ons in such a concise price range. an 11.6-inches screen may be smaller for some people, gives excellent levels of visibility and great display quality.

Moreover, it plays a vital role in maintaining the super lightweight of this laptop. So, for such a group of individuals who choose effective portability of a system over a bigger display view, they can have no second thoughts about this system. Also, the display occupies the latest anti-glare technology which helps you cherish an HD resolution without reflective issues. 

The profound laptop chassis includes curved edges that spread a decent vibe around. The strong build of this machine is durable and with many various improved features, Samsung Chromebook 3 is truly one of a kind.


AlldoCube is not a very popular name in the laptop industry. But if you are on a budget and you wish to acquire a good quality laptop with a price tag under $250, you may need to scroll around for even less popular brands that can give you standard laptops with compatible performance. 

KBook lite is a convertible laptop within your desired budget and offers a flexible 360 degrees complete rotatable hinge to allow you to work on the go. The super slim and sleek body of this laptop weighs only 3.08 pounds which offers a good portability to those who are mostly on wheels or on field work. 0.84-inches slim chassis is classy in looks and narrow-edged bezels further improves the overall appearance. 

This laptop is equally brilliant in its hardware as well as software capabilities. It is packed with a strong configuration which is rare to achieve in a budget-friendly laptop. 4 GB RAM is coupled with a 128 GB SSD which is by far the biggest storage space we reviewed in this category of laptops. It surely can outperform all your basic computer needs, mid-level programming, efficient multitasking and delivers promising speed throughout. 

Let your excitement sink in as the 13.5-inches screen produces full HD display with IPS feature and throws a variety of exceptional color combinations to enhance your visuals. With no apparent flaws, the supreme technology embedded in this system can promise you lasting reliability. It suffices for you with a vast variety of connectivity ports including USB 3.0, type A, type C, HDMI etc. Dual speakers have improved the sound quality of this laptop. 

It is rare to find a hybrid laptop design with strong configuration, light-weight, a super strong battery life as well as a decent silver slim chassis in a pretty small price tag. Is this not enough to capture your interests? Although being last in the list but not the least, KBook Lite for you is the editor’s choice.


Let’s not compare a pocket-friendly laptop with an expensive luxurious system, as the cost certainly makes a difference. But don’t get disappointed as even under a $250 budget, you can manage to purchase a good quality laptop with reliable and most usable functions. It all depends upon the level of your research and market hunt. We hope to provide you the best in your interests and hope to meet up to your expectations in finding a desirable laptop for you. Make sure to leave your queries and reviews in the comment section below.

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